Top Blog Sites Tuesday!

Well it’s another fine day on the home front! I have to get a new chair though…. Sitting in this most uncomfortable chair is making me tired too fast during the day. I am going to have to protest!

Well, the big new around here is the BlogDumps Video – Video player will soon be in High Def (HD) as they call it. We are working on it now and should be finished soon. The quality of the video is great it will allow uploads from cell phones and portable devices connected to the web, mp4 3gp ect… and still maintain quality. I can’t wait! I am going to allow bigger uploads also so full movies can be uploaded – if we run out of space I guess we’ll get another server… LOL I can see Trina now as she reads this “HA Ha WOLFBERNZ” and I’ll say quietly you don’t have to shout… and then run like well you get the picture!

It is top site Tuesday so here they are.

Hot Blog Sites on Today:…?

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I want to welcome all the new people to the BlogDumps community! Make sure to join the Discussion forum and add your two cents or just announce your blog. Also when you join the BlogDumps community Discussion Forum and become a member – this will allow you to add your avatar and create a profile and join in on the Photo Gallery. This will be your username and password for when you download the BlogDumps Instant Messenger also. When we add new features or if you want to use the BlogDumps Instant Messenger you will already be registered by becoming a member.

Have a great week everyone…

Hot Blog Sites on Today:
Thanks for the plug wypov and #1 at that!


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