Thirteen Things I’ve Done This Week


1. Friday a good friend of mine came back to town and we went out for fajitas and margaritas.   

2. Saturday Trina, Bill, and I went to Bon Appetit for dinner. It’s a five course French cusine(yummy)

3. Each day I take care of my Blogs and websites to make sure everything is ok

4. Sunday I slept in until 11:30am. **Yawn**

5. I felt good after all that sleep so I went to my cabinet shop in the afternoon and got some things made so I would be ready for the week

6. For dinner we steamed 5lbs of fresh shrimp with cornbread and other goodies topped off with Crown and 7.

7. Monday I worked until 5:00pm then went to Aikido(martial arts class) Trina took her black-belt test and passed. I thought I would escape being part of the test, but that didn’t happen- some how I was drug across the mat and now I have a large blister on my big toe!

8. Tuesday I was working on a customer’s kitchen and they bought us pizza for lunch… Great Idea… Cordy and I just wanted to take a nap after all that.

9. I had the windshield installed in my 911 Porsche that I’m rebuilding and then I washed it for the first time since I painted it…Yippiee

10. I took Woofy aka Mr.Humpy for a walk. He’s my timberwolf.

11. I pulled the umbrella, from the deck,out of the pool after the storm the other night

12. T and A’s washer broke and I happend to have a spare new one in theshop so I gave it to them the catch was they had to take a refridgerater too!

13. I Helped open the books and coffee shop in the mornings… Nothing like that first cup of good coffee in the morning!



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13 thoughts on “Thirteen Things I’ve Done This Week”

  1. wow you did more this week than Ive done in 2006. (well not really, but Im duly impressed) This is a great list idea. I might steal it.

  2. I enjoyed your list very much, it was so personal and also so inspiring. I love the image of you washing your car, martial art and saving a pool bound umbrella. it sounds like you have a very rich and rewarding life. good on ya!

    thanks for stopping by my blog and I am really attracted to the way you recomend other blogs, its a rewarding thing to do isn\’t it?

    i totally want to sign up for blog dumps, give me a few minutes to organize myself here.

    Great to \”meet\” you


    Wolfbernz Said: Thank you for the kind words and I would love to have you here at Blogdumps!

  3. Thanks everyone for all the great comments and making my second Thursday Thirteen a great one!

    I will add everyone to the blogroll and to the categories on the Home page.


  4. Thanks for stopping by my TT earlier this week. What a week you’ve had! Wow. The shrimp and cornbread sounds sooo good.

    Oh! Since you asked… Tonkatsu is a japanese dish. It’s panko-breaded, thin (or pounded thin) pork chops that are fried up in oil and served with a special tonkatsu dipping sauce! Yum.

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