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I know we’re a little slow getting a post up this Friday but we’ve been scurrying around making preparations for a big Halloween party on the farm tomorrow! We’ve got the party room decorated, the bonfire set-up, and everyone has their costumes ready to go! Wait till you guy see Wolfbernz’ costume – it’s amazing!

I want to thank everyone who participated in this week’s Top Sites Tuesday! This week’s theme, Haunted Tuesday, was amazing and I loved visiting everyone’s blogs!

Everyone was a winner this week, a group of amazing blogs with even more amazing posts!

Older Eyes
Liggyz Dreamz
Babble Break
Your Caring Angels
Butterfly in the Plaster
Art by Tomas

Trina’s Blog

Stop by and check them all out and don’t forget to leave a comment – bloggers love comments!!

I hope ya’ll had a great Friday Night, we sure did and tomorrow promises to be a blast!

TGIF Everyone!

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