Sunday Surfing Safari And Cool Surfing Video!

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Before I get started with today’s post I would like to ask all of you to keep AngelBaby in your thoughts and prayers she has broken her back and could use a few kind comments on her blog. She is going to have to take a break (I know her humor she would have expected that one!)

So here it is Sunday once again and what should I post for Sunday Music… Hmmmmmm

I have it! Trina and I are up early today 6:00am getting ready to leave – we are off to the beach to have some summer fun! It has been so nice out and all we have been doing is working so much lately it will be nice to take a break. I know most of you are like six in the morning??? We live in a beach resort area and if you want to go to the beach and get a good spot you have to go early. Then when it gets too crowded and hot you can get out of there before the crowd. So how about will post some cool summer music – how about the Beach Boys!

I am sure it won’t be as good as it is in this video but I will dream as I ride some waves out here on Assateague Island.

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Have a great Sunday