My Daughter’s Wedding Saturday’s featured blog!

It’s that time once again, the Saturday Night Dump.

There is so much going on behind the scenes around here, but I’m saving that for another post. The biggest thing coming to BlogDumps is the ability to upload and watch your videos and home movies in High Def. Send Holiday greetings to friends and love ones around the world, isn’t that great!

I really want you all to check out this weeks featured blog My Daughter’s Wedding it’s absolutely the beautiful.

This time of year what could be more beautiful than a Winter Wedding? On her blog, My Daughter’s Wedding, this mother of the bride displays some beautiful photographs of Christmas Weddings saying:

Christmas is that magical time of the year when the world is beautiful. So why not incorporate some of that beauty into your wedding.

And what other time of year could Santa and his Reindeer pull your Wedding Cake? I love this picture – what a beautiful cake!

I love the ideas behind this blog:

Please read, feel free to comment, and share your own experiences. I’ve gone through this once, but will probably be going through it again in the future, so I want to remember what I have learned and hear what you have learned also.

Starting in July 2008, this mom documented the different steps involved in planning a wedding, From the enguagement announcement to the invitations to planning the wedding photographers. If you are going to be planning a wedding or know someone who is, this blog is a great read!

Merry Christmas Everyone,

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