Little Earners

I would like to welcome one of the newest members of BlogDumps Bloggers.

Inkserotica writes on her About page:

1 – Can you help me get these lenses listed here off this lens?
2 – Can you help me increase the traffic and their ratings?
3 – Can you see what I am missing as to why these lenses are not doing so well compared to many of my other lenses?
4 – Is there hope for them and me as a Lensmaster?
5 – Or am I (we) doomed to stay on the bottom of the Squidoo barrel for ever more?

Here are the possible reasons why these are my worst ranked squidoo lenses ever!:
1 – Poor traffic bordering on Zilch, nada, zero, nowt, nothing…okay, you get the picture 😉
2 – Few comments
3 – Few ratings
4 – Hardly any or no backlinks
5 – Probably not indexed in Google
6 – Poorly researched or boring subjects
7 – No Angel Blessings
8 – No awards or contest prizes
9 – No LotD awarded

Maybe I should back-up and tell you a little about Squidoo and what a lense is. According to Squidoo’s own blog,

“Squidoo is a website hosting hundreds of thousands of handbuilt webpages (just to be difficult, we call them “lenses”). Each lens is one person’s look at something online. Your take on football or business or the best thai food in town.”

That being said, Inkserotica, in London has slowly built up an online presence as a Freelance writer and Reviewer and concentrates on how to promote Squidoo Lenses on her new BlogDumps Blog, Little Earners.

“Increasing my back links by using this blog and discovering methods I can use to promote those lenses that don’t do so well. I shall also be trying to find the reasons why some of these lenses aren’t doing so well as others.”

Thank you for enlightening us about Squidoo, we can’t wait to read more about your journey as a LensMaster here on your blog


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2 thoughts on “Little Earners”

  1. I think sometimes bloggers, of which I am one, often forget that we need to visit other blogs and leave comments. They will in turn come back to your blog and leave a comment. This is one way I increase my traffic to my blog. Maybe these new sites should try this I know it will help.

    Love and Blessings,

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my blog here 🙂 I do love it here even though I’ve only just joined! x

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