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Dishpan Dribble! What a great Blog!

Dishpan Dribble is written by Mrs. Darling, a mother of three children, aged 23, 9, 5, and grandmother to a 2 year old.  She is a SAHM who homeschools her two younger children and

It’s a wonderful blog!  Mrs. Darling blogs about her life and gives everyone an incite to her daily “dribble” and her opinions on different topics. She writes about her children (Tink, Peter Pan, and Wendy) and her grandchild (Baby Jane).  This lady is detail oriented, she doesn’t miss a lick when it comes to telling the blogging community about the tasks she faces or problems she encounters and she absolutely loves to hear our opinions and and answer our questions!   

On top of being a great mother (and grandmother) she has delicious recipes which are posted for all to read!  I recommend the Baked Pumpkin Custard, it sound simply delightful!

 Welcome to BlogDumps Mrs. Darling!


Next Featured Blog! Lil’ Duck Duck!

Lil’ Duck Duck is a kid.  This blog is written by Lil’ Duck Duck’s Mom, Momma Duck.  She writes about the day to day things that her little one gets into and about different things that can help any mother with a toddler.

 In reading Momma Duck’s Profile, I don’t think I could better describe her blog with out quoting her:

My future plans for this blog – obviously adding more content, resources and articles for other moms of toddlers that will hopefully make your lives a bit better and save you from my fate – learning things the hard way (like no matter WHAT you use, red koolaid will never come out of your carpet if you are renting ).”

Her blog is well written with tons of humorous day to day activities of Lil’ Duck Duck. And on top of being a blogging mother, she designs baby announcements, invitations & cards (which, might I say, are beautifully done)

 You absolutely MUST check out her site! 



I think everyone will like Candy

The Gnostic World of Candy Minx, straight from Toronto, Canada (she was at Carmens party this weekend also!) There are party pictures.

Stop by and say “Hi” and checkout this artistic Lady from Canada. The food and festive pictures make me hungry and could someone please pass me a beer!

Welcome to BlogDumps!

Thanks for the Link!


You have to read this Featured blog # 4 – Homegirl Home School

Homegirl Homeschool!
Reflections of Three girls being home schooled (mom included). Betsy in Missouri is homeschooling her two daughters! This is a wonderful read and what a great Mom!

She writes about family and gives credit to the Lord stop by her site and say hello to them!

A Great big welcome and thanks for the Link Betsy!





Our First Featured Blog



PabloPabla was the first to link to BlogDumps! He has a great site and writes from Maylasia.  Some of his most recient posts are about food (hard to read and not get hungry!) But for me, probibally the best post is Parents and Children. It may sound simple but it struck home!
I always find it wonderful! The Power of the internet, that is, because without it I would never have know that a man in Maylasia has similar thoughts as me. 

Pablo’s blog is an excellent read! We are looking forward to reading many more of his blog posts!