As the holidays approach!

I usually do a funny video on Saturdays but as I was going through the videos on B Tubed I saw this one and as the holidays approach I thought it might be a good one to share 🙂

What a fire, I never thought it could do such damage by deep frying a turkey!

If you all haven’t noticed I have the B Tubed Video player to the front page of BlogDumps. I do a featured video and change it out every so often sometime each day depending on my work load. If you would like to have your video on the front page upload it to B Tubed and I will feature it 🙂 Your video can be about you or your blog maybe just a funny video that you have taken. If you upload it and want it to be featured just leave me a comment here on the blog or IM me on the BlogDumps IM and let me know. If you do not have the BlogDumps IM you can download it here. (it’s McAfee approved and no giant download) I thought this might be one more way for me to help promote your blogs here in the community.

For those of you that are new to BlogDumps this is what we are all about – promoting your blog. I know when I started to blog years ago I wanted to promote my blog and there were not many places to really do this and even leave a link because you were thought to be a spammer. So I have set up BlogDumps for you to promote your blog, as long as you are a member and active in the community you should get new readers all the time.

This weeks Top Sites Tuesday theme will be “What made you decide to be a blogger?”

Top Sites Tuesday is another way to be active in the community here on BlogDumps it will help you gain readers and traffic to your blog. So come join us and have some fun the check in post goes up on Mondays.

Have a great Saturday