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And it's yummy... But I draw the line at yellow snow!
AR Bazaar | Ladies Dresses, Bridal Dresses, Chiffo
AR Bazaar clothing website which has stuff about chiffon dresses, men shirts, women kurti and much more.
My bog is all about fashion, laddies dresses, chiffon dresses and much more.
Trina's blog
Trina's blog
Nomadic Phoenix Rising
The personal blog of a failure trying to improve their life.
Blogging and More
Blogging, Work at Home, Home Business, SEO, and Marketing
Life in a Fruit Basket
A personal lifestyle blog that covers fashion, beauty tips, food & travel, music, celebrities, relationships, and random everyday life issues.
This blog is about me and my hobbies; wigs, fashion, hair extensions, make up, beauty, health, diet, VLCD, look of the day,and stuff like that. Enjoy!
Beautiful Bronze Tanning
Reviews on indoor tanning lotions ,sunless tanning products,tanning bed maintenance,lamps, Fun Facts & Tips for tanners.
Trina's Blog
The ramblings of Katrina...LOL
Yettezkie's Doodles
provides access to the author's random interests, thoughts and day-to-day life and the web and graphic resources that she offers for free that she posts in her deviantart account.
lynne's veehive
Personal blog of my journey in an itinerary called life...
Lights, camera...Danielle!
My life as a model and mother. Relationship and beauty tips plus more.
Beauty Talk
Girl talk as it pertains to make up, cosmetics, image, fashion, skincare...
Too Little Time To Blog
. Personal blog of a busy working woman. Talk about family, work, blogging and life from a woman's perspective.
Life beyond itself.
Nishas world and baby Alisha
Welcome to my world about celebrity gossip, recipes, baby and health info, relationship advice, tips and tricks, blogging, make money online. Also has updates about my two year old, Alisha.
My Happy Ending
A personal blog about fashion, drama, school and life. (: Includes daily pictures and rants.
Mslovely's Today Blog
A sweet talented Brooklyn girl who likes to blog about everything, from making extra money,earning money online,graphics, relationships, music, family, drama,and more.
From In The Bubble
Observations, reviews, and a unique take on life from inside the bubble.
Today's Work
Downword Spiral
Mhar's Display
My expressions, impressions, inspirations, and evaluations.
Trina's Blog
Trina's Personal Blog
Trina's Blog
Trina's Personal Blog -Blogging Girls
. My blog contains stuffs of my interest. Just recently I have started ranting on some things.
Nishas World
Category -entertainment-- Description-visit my site for celebrity gossip, recipes, baby and health info, images and lots of updates about my baby alisha
The Patient Wife
Being a Wife is Hard...Especially when your husband says he doesn't love you anymore. There is a long road to follow, struggles to overcome, and in the end, who knows how it will all work out.
Am I Worth It?
Am I Worth It? - Blogging Girls - A wife's musings as she goes through each day wondering whether or not life's struggles will turn out the way she hopes.
In My World
Everything that happens in my world that might be connected or interlinked with yours.
. description: diel beyond the four corners of the mind
Unfiltered Me
My therapist gives me homework. This oh so secret blog is my place to cope, vent, and express the feelings that all too often get bottled up.
JoeyMoggie is a Personal Blog: About Life�s happenings, current events, Celebrity News, Paintball, cats, Crafts & Sewing. . .with a few memes thrown in for good measure
A Bimbo with a Twist
a little place for a Singapore Girl to rant and rave about her world and all the stuff in it.
having fun under the sun
Cheesenibbles is a poem blog where I personally write all the poems with passion and enthusiasm. I hope everybody would enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.
The Uglyfatchick
. Singapore young female blogger.
Callista's Ramblings
The random ramblings of a SAHM wife and mother. Ramblings may be family related or life related.
Beautyholics Anonymous
Category: Blogging Girls. Description: Beauty comes in all sizes, not just size 2
Moxy Rocks
The diary of a girl living in her van.
This Eclectic Life
A sassy Texan talks about anything that comes into her head at 4:30 in the morning. Like sitting on the front porch having a hilarious conversation with a friend.
All About Me
Almost all about me: Pagan, Booklover, Writer, Mother, and more
Oh for the love of me!
. Description: Tine's Tittle-Tattles
/ Travel Blogs
Serendipity in the making...
Not an average, confused (aging?!?), creature-comfort lovin, pet-crazy person...attempting a not-so-average journey thru this unpredictable maelstrom called life..help!!
Your Daily Starches
My babbling about nothing. And everything.
My Women Stuff
About everything a woman wants - beauty, fashion, style, makeup, product reviews
Ms Maggie Moo Talks 2 U
I'm a fiesty woman who likes peanut butter & jelly crackers & randomivity.
Spiderweb Dreams
Personal blog filled with personal experiences and thoughts written by a 20 something woman from the middle of nowhere. Also photographs, movie, book and music reviews.
Mother's Home!
. A mother of 6 from Norway, blogging about all, nothing, and my experiences as a 'net moneymaker. (yeah, right!)
Spandex and Hairspray
Remembering my partying days in the 80s
One Student Doctor's Thoughts
A place for me to share some of the things that are on my mind...and a nice diversion when I need a quick break from one of my all night, super-caffeinated, I'll-sleep-when-I'm-dead study marathons.
Sinigang For The Soul - -
A Filipina Expat's personal blog. Exploring life in the United States, dreaming warmth and sunshine of the Philippines. musings on love, life, food, entertainment, technology, and rants
  • Musings of a chick A personal Blog with rants about current events, Hollyweird, life, and also many references to George Clooney and Chubby Hubby Ice Cream

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