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  • Am I Worth It? - A wife's musings as she goes through each day wondering whether or not life's struggles will turn out the way she hopes.
  • eastcoastlife Life on tiny, tropical country Singapore which some people called it 'A little Red Dot'.
Snake in My ShoeSnake In My Shoe Life on the farm, Texas Tuesdays & personal musings
  • Lady Banana My blog is about me and my life. As changeable as the English weather.
Older and Enjoying Life? The All-Grown-Up Woman Family Tips, Requests, Articles, Recipes, and assorted misc. to the older, wiser, livilier, better woman. Want less stress or more...work at home or climb the corporate ladder? Smarter or stupider?
  • A little piece of me  A Blog about Counseling studies, Hiking, Beavers and other random thoughts that seep out of my grey matter.
  • A Great PleasureA blog of my own recipes, thoughts, interests, knowledges and experiences.
Frazzled LashawnFrazzled Lashawn Where A.D.D. meets motherhood
  • My Life in the Hovel This Blog is all about her life. and your life. and life in general. She's a teenager and, as is common among them, she over-dramatizes lots. which makes for interesting reading!
Ms. Maggie NooMs Maggie Moo Talks 2 U  I'm a fiesty woman who likes peanut butter & jelly crackers & randomivity.
  • Kazzi Blooms The personal life and experiences of an ordinary woman who scribbles her wonderful life, dreams, thoughts, fancies and the world she lives in. The way she sees the world in her eyes.
  • Melancholy Musings This is my blog where I write daily and if you're really lucky I might accidentally say something amusing. I talk about whatever pops into my head and what I'm watching.
  • Finding my happily ever after My blog is about my friends, family, relationship and college. I am 28 years old and in my 2nd year of college. I update several times a week and sometimes post include pics and videos.
  • earth2karen My blog is my personal diary, LGBT issues, day to day events...
  • Chatting and Having Fun with Sweetlady18 This blog will pretty much be about things going on in my life, interesting things I might come across or ideas and thoughts that I wish to share with others.
  • Anna's Got A SecretThis is my personal blog..i rant about almost everything & upload pictures whenever i go out.
  • In My World - Everything that happens in my world that might be connected or interlinked with yours.
  • FoodieKnitterShe blogs about knitting, spinning, crochet, and baking
  • and this was my day - A personal blog on daily happenings in the world, in my life, movies, society, health related, and other interesting stuff

EK's Star Log

 Star Log is the personal Blog of sci-fi/romance author Wendy C. All a.k.a. EelKat.

  • Pinktwilight - A typical online journal which contains entries that has topics ranging from singing, girl stuff to my everyday life experiences.
  • You Better Recognize - General/Misc. To inform the uninformed, misinformed and illinformed about the goings on around us
  • The Grrl - Keeping a scrapbook/ junk blog with my own drawing, writing, rural exploration photos and things that interest me. Canadian, over 40, BBW, divorced, artsy type. Quietly an Earth Witch.
  • Desi Legend Blog - Blog offers latest Sikhism news, sikh articles found on web, desi t-shirts designs, things that inspire us.
  • Baby ily - it a online diary of a teenager
  • hit-or-miss - My blog contains stuffs of my interest. Just recently I have started ranting on some things.
  • MerDuriaN Dot Com - The personal blog Malaysian author who blog about everything especially her daily life in Malaysia as well as technology and Internet blogging news to all around the world
  • Only Women Club - Women's health issues and articles covering all issues relevant to women's health today. Experts guide for natural beauty
  • Earthly Explorations Welcome to my roller-coaster. Ranting about this and that and everything on Earth I find interesting.
  • Kuting's Place My blog about interesting people, places, things, my life's adventure, and information on quality stuff. You will find useful links for future reference.
  • Mhar's Display My expressions, impressions, inspirations, and evaluations.
  • Friends Revolution Creative Writing and Blogs, Funny and Wacky Satire, Trends, Love, Politics, Offbeat, poetry, short stories, Health, Life, News, Business, Cooking, Art, History
  • Perky Sweet Girl This blog is about women talk! About subjects close to our hearts. About things which make us feel good. About things which make us laugh... or which make us cry.
  • Must Be That Girl! A Personal E-Magazine of a Work-From-Home Cebuana Blogger. Chronicles of Cebu Lifestyle. A Cebu Blog!
  • Live That Life! A Lifestyle E-Magazine of a Work-From-Home Cebuana Blogger.
  • Color Me Rainbow A blog of a teenage girl who wants to share her thoughts and creativity to others and shares her life stories too, as she colors it and spices it up.
  • From In The Bubble - Observations, reviews, and a unique take on life from inside the bubble.
  • Mslovely's Today Blog - A sweet talented Brooklyn girl who likes to blog about everything, from making extra money,earning money online,graphics, relationships, music, family, drama,and more.

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