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Our First Featured Blog



PabloPabla was the first to link to BlogDumps! He has a great site and writes from Maylasia.  Some of his most recient posts are about food (hard to read and not get hungry!) But for me, probibally the best post is Parents and Children. It may sound simple but it struck home!
I always find it wonderful! The Power of the internet, that is, because without it I would never have know that a man in Maylasia has similar thoughts as me. 

Pablo’s blog is an excellent read! We are looking forward to reading many more of his blog posts!


Need A Link I Will Post About Your Blog

When you use the blog dump(not the daily dumper) I will post about your blog. This will in turn give you another link to your site and help with your Technorati rank!

If you use the Daily Dumper or the the Blog Dump I will add you to the blogroll!



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BlogDumps Update

I have been working on the site most of the day.

The category pages are almost done! When you dump a link (either in the “daily dump” or the “permanent  dump” area) your blog will be added under one of the the categories listed on the main page. 

If you use the “daily dump” instead of the “permanent dump” we will choose the category for you. 

The Site that sends the most traffic will be listed as number 1,2,3 and so on in the “top traffic sites”

Thanks for helping me get this site started!


P.S. Suggestions and constructive ideas are welcome

Welcome To BlogDumps

A Blog Links site. Designed to be easy to use with no user registration And no mandatory linkback.

This is a great place to drop a link to your Blog.

The first five Blogs with reciprocal links will be included in the  “featured Blogs”  on the main page!

Submitt your Blog and lets get Blogdumps started!

Thanks for helping me with my new site!