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Blogs about everything, anything, and nothing all at the same time... Or did they just not want to catagorize themselves? Submit your Blog to General/Misc. Blogs thorough BlogDumps Blog Submission!
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Buzz Queen

A Hodge Podge of neat stuff, recipes, tips, unique tidbits, Great Dane snippets and our transient RCMP life thrown in for good measure!

Echos of Grace

Tap-dancing through life on two left feet without a compass; laughing, crying and holding hands with others who find themselves in the same placesame placesame place

Insomniac Incurable Insomniac It's not that I can't sleep, I'd just rather be awake.
  • Emigrestudio Personal Blog on entertainment, travel, food and events.
  • margaritaStuff, Pictures, Photos, Text, Ramblings, life

Musings of the Night

Musings of the Night

Musings of the Night is about all things life. Pagan, Love, Life, Family

Durward DiscussionDurward Discussion It is a blog about darn near everything. In just the past few weeks: history, politics, bare feet, and cats. Enjoy the variety.
  • Shh-Speakup Kudos - personal and group, Rants, and Photos
NAFASGNAFASGDiscussion topics covered are General Issues, Life, Relationships, The Supernatural, Building Self-Confidence, How To Get What You Want In Life, Money Making Techniques.. etc...
Mowhawk CampfireSmoldering Embers In a Mohawk Campfire Anything He feels like saying or covering, he does, just like the title implies.
  • mutiarahidup My blogs are related to new issues, historical place, mystery and so on.
  • That Says It AllA blog about any and everything including art, sex, entertainment and politics.
  • maiylah's snippetsa blog on my own domain, where i can post anything, everything, and occasionally, nothing. :)
  • Pinoy AmbisyosoPinoy Ambisyoso talks anything under the universe. Authored by a novice blogger, with so much interest in meeting zombies, i mean bloggers. : -)
  • Dwayne's Word A General Blog, I ramble about this and that from time to time. Making money, stupid people and stupid things
CloClo's Fascinating Things. Fascinating things I want to share with some friends, like photos, pictures, texts, poetries, videos, musics, cartoons, funnies, love, etc...
Runner's Feet
Busy DadThe Busy Dad One busy dad's quest to feed his inner news junky while discussing the stresses of real life
  • Precious Distraction A place for the things that interest me - Games, music, books, tech geekiness and other stuff...
  • MyPlace On-Line We have all types of blog categories, but MyplaceOL is much more then that. CHECK IT OUT!!!
Secret of LifeThe Secret of Life  Spirituality with a Sense of Humor. The Blog that tells you how to be happy and makes you laugh at the same time. What more could you want?

Kilroy - The Gonzo Papers

Examine the human condition. Ask questions and pursue answers. Explore what lurks in the shadows. Spirituality, issues of society, politics, pop culture, sports and original photography.

  • Random Encounters of We Come visit this fun new Blog where you can participate in polls, watch YouTube movie clips, read about currents events and voice your opinion about them. Games coming soon!!

Menarique Blog

Menarik, interesting, collection, unbelievable, funny, accident, amazing [read interesting story, update almost daily

  • Blind Copy Everything is a copy. This is a barefaced copy. I'm a copy too...
Mostly Inappropriate
  • My Wonderful LifeA Blog that talks about people,friends,personal situations and everything

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