Why Does it Seem as Though the Week Goes by so Slow?

Ok, if you use Twitter you know I went to lunch.. Burger King … Woo Hoo! 😀

I have been working on the site and trying some cool changes on my test site to see if I like it. I am trying to combine all the data bases and automate submissions and give you all the ability to change your listings and urls, categories etc… Wow is this involved. Any Crazy wild programmers are welcome to email me and we’ll talk… Yes, I just yelled HELP! 😀 I have so many things I want to do to bring BlogDumps to a super level of quality I can’t stand it.

While I am on this subject to all of you that have jumped in and decided to subscribe to the blog hosting (which is optional) I extend a great thanks ’cause this next step is gonna hurt the ole check book… LOL But I enjoy every minute so it’s all worth it to me.

AY won this weeks Top Sites Tuesday and she has been featured so I have a surprise for her! AY I will be emailing you! All of you that joined in this week, thanks! You made it a lot of fun! I hope someday we have a hundred or more and I will create a “Dumped” blogroll so we can all display it and get some more linky love going.

Not much to report on BlogDumps other then trying to keep up with Internet Explorer and Firefox updates on the video site. Every time they update, so do we, so it all works and looks right in each browser. So far I have it all done but the article part… Yes you can write an article all about your blog on BlogDumps Video and link it to your blog. It’s great for SEO purposes.

So that’s it for now all is well on the home front.

Have a good Thursday… I guess I have started a Thursday thing… LOL enjoy the music.


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