Wednesday – Hump Day!

What a busy week already but at least it’s Wednesday we are almost to the weekend 🙂

Angelbaby of Your Caring Angels was the winner of this weeks Top Sites Tuesday! I just love her positive blog! Make sure to stop by and visit her and leave a comment… Bloggers love comments!

If you have made it to the front page of BlogDumps you will see I have made some really nice changes to it. I think everyone will like it, it’s much easier to navigate and it has all your favorite social links and web email. I had to make room for the new front page sponsors so I thought I might as well spice it up a bit. Please make sure to visit them they help keep us on the web!

I also added a few quick links to some of BlogDumps cool features so make sure to check them out.

If you have been waiting to see your blog added to the BlogDumps Blog Directory we have added a bunch of you in the last few days and cleaned out some of the outdated blogs. If you have taken off the BlogDumps button your blog did not get added to the directory. I know some of you think “Why should I keep the button if they don’t add me.” I understand but we are a human edited directory and we add blogs as we can. If you didn’t get added because you removed the BlogDumps button you will have to submit your blog again and you will be at the back of the line, so please be patient we will add you. If you would like to be added with a guaranteed 24 hour inclusion you can choose two different methods one is to just be added in the 24 hours and the second it to be added as a featured blog with a mini review about your blog. When you become a featured blog your blogs screen shot will be in the featured blog rotation on the front page and on the directory page.
BlogDumps has been getting record traffic so what a better time to be a featured blog 🙂

I also added the BlogDumps mini player to the front page with a featured video of the day. I thought this would be nice for those who use BlogDumps as their homepage to start their day. BlogDumps makes a great start page from there you can hit all your favorite sites in just a few clicks.

That’s what’s going on so far this week we will be adding more blogs as the week progresses 🙂

If you have joined the discussion forum bring your blogging friends and have some fun, create a new topic and it will bring traffic and readers to your blog. How is this possible? I have added all kinds of new features to your profile dashboard add the link to your blog your favorite videos, music and more…You can even customize your page. So jump in there and get some of the 80,000s hit the discussion forum gets each month!

Have a great day and rest of the week!


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