Video Blogging? Mines up.

Finally we are finished with the Webcam uploader on BlogDumps Video… YEA!
We have worked on this for months, it seems like forever.
I have never really done a video blog so it’s ok if you all leave funny comments about it.
I didn’t have the lighting right. Also I adjusted my webcam to 300 frames per second or the voice and the video didn’t match.
Are any of you video blogging these days? If so give it a try and let me know if you have any issues.
The webcam upload works just like uploading a video fill out the info and then click on the “Quick Capture” tab and it will connect you to the webcam server. If you are like me, you can cancel the recording and do it over as many times as you wish.

Sooooo anyway here is mine. If you do one let me know and if you want me to I will post it with links to your blog.

I hope I didn’t scare anyone, LOL Have fun and enjoy video blogging!

Upload yours to BlogDumps Video, you can also upload Photos, Music and Flash games.
Make friends send messages and bulletins. It’s just a fun place to be.

I am going to add some top blogs too.

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Have a great Saturday

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