Thursday Thirteen # I never counted

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I am so bad I never counted which Thursday Thirteen this is for me!

It sure has been busy around here – I did two copies of the top sites sending traffic today. I would like to thank all of you for being faithful BlogDumps Community Members. So for this Thursday Thirteen I am going to checkout Y’all’s Blogs and tell about what I found there.

Hot Blog Sites on Today:

  • Coffee Break? How can you NOT LOVE to read a Blog that a post starts out like this:

    “It quite tickled me this morning as I sat down at the computer, wrapped snugly in a plush robe with fingers warming round a steaming cup of coffee and preparing to write this blog. Going through my emails and digital newspapers, strange ‘coincidence’ brought my eyes to an article in one of my dailies (The Scotsman). I had to chuckle when I read further to find it not only pertained to, basically, my home-town but fit well into this blog.”

  • EuroYank Euro-Yank describes himself as:

    “Served in the Military (Vietnam – combat medic, paratrooper.) Carpenter many years, built houses for the rich. Managed several restaurants. Successful Insurance broker. Became disillusioned with the USA. Happily resettled in Europe. Think many people and my fellow Americans are ignorant, arrogant, brainwashed. I write blogs that exposes disinformation, propaganda, censorship. Primary motivation to enlighten my compatriots and the brainwashed masses of the world.”

    Trust me when I say that the photos and Videos he has on his blog are truly enlightening.

  • Damn! I don’t speak that Language! I wish I had paid better attention in ?Spanish? Class or better yet… I think it’s Margarita Time!
  • Postcards from Insanity Honestly, the title says it all for me. This Foster Mom’s Journey is a great read. I totally feel for her!!
  • Make Money Online Yeah, I know I thought the same thing.. Not another Money Site! But I was plesanlty surprised. There’s not a TON of flashing banners, the layout is simple to navigate and easy on the eyes, and the Posts are really well written! It’s a great blog!
  • AMWP Games Great Gaming Blog full of different games, one in every post! If you’re into games check this place out!
  • Emmsy’s Stuff A gaming blog that’s more than gaming. Find out interesting stuff about x-box games and fancy phones!
  • This blog is written by a young 20-something year-old, with a blog subtitle that reads:

    “Buddhism teaches that all things have a unique beauty and mission. Every person has a singular mission, his or her individuality and way of life. Wonder what is mine?”

  • Bloggingscious I really like the uniqueness of the title of this blog. I tried to put it in a category but this blog covers so many different things from cars to glasses to random things that interest bloggers. A definite must-read!
  • Bloggertise Whoa! I just realized that three of the blogs in this list are written by Jophilsuperman! Go Figure! I must really like what he writes about!
  • Make Money Online by Toto Hey that makes number 4!! LOL
  • Alexa Oh Come on! You know what alex is!
  • Naked Politics A really interesting Political Blog! The latest post (today) is about Jill Biden, wife of Joe Biden, and a teacher and the Local Community college here. I think that great, but I’m still undecided who I’m voting for… I’m still doing my research so I can make an educated vote!

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Happy TT!

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