Thursday BlogDumps News

Hi All! I hope you are having a good week! It finally stopped raining here and Trina is finally getting better, she has been sick this week. It has to be all this rainy nasty weather!

We have reopened the BlogDumps Bloggers so everyone can create a blog again. It was a mess, there were so many blogs that were started years ago that were abandoned and they was causing a slow down on data so I have been cleaning house so to speak… LOL You should notice that your blog will load a bit faster with all the dead ones gone!

BlogDumps video has been worked on again this week, now there are no more issues with uploading videos. I am still working on Bulk photo upload (if you want to do ten photos at one shot) The single upload is working fine so enjoy. It’s a great place to keep your photos and share them with your friends. I am trying to make this a great spam-free environment for everyone to enjoy and make it easy to have friends, upload videos music, photos and flash games. So have fun and enjoy. If you joined BlogDumps community discussions you will still have to join BlogDumps Video also and create your page like on Facebook.

Everything else seems to be humming along. Make sure to stop by Saturday and check out The Artist Challenge, our newest featured member of BlogDumps… A big welcome goes out from the BlogDumps crew and the community! Don’t forget to stop by their blog and leave a comment – you know how we all like comments.

That’s it for now – it’s Friday tomorrow… Yea!