TGIF Here at BlogDumps

Oh how wonderful! Another week has gone by… this one started out kinda rough but in the end, all is well on the home front.

I want to congratulate Your Caring Angels as the winner of this weeks Top Sites Tuesday 😀
AngelBaby is a great asset to the BlogDumps community!


The Top Sites Tuesday is a lot of fun and I am glad you all join us 🙂 Wolfbernz wrote a post on his blog about the importance of link exchange and getting your blog noticed and gaining readers.

Everything is going well here it has been a busy week we have new bloggers from around the globe on BlogDumps Bloggers now. It is kind of fun to go to Google translate and read some of them to make sure they are clean and no nasty stuff. Some have cool header graphics too!

B Tubed has new users so I hope to see more funny videos and cool music uploaded!

Have a great weekend everyone 😉

3 thoughts on “TGIF Here at BlogDumps”

  1. Congratulations, Angelbaby! And happy week-end wishes to all BlogDumps members out there! It’s finally Spring… 🙂

  2. Hi Liggy,
    Thanks for the best wishes, My Friday night was great!
    Finally spring is here 8)

  3. Thank you so much everybody! I just love doing top sites, it is so much fun to read everyone’s posts and make new friends. You will be surprised at my post this week!

    Love and Blessings,

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