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Woodstock The entire concert of Jimi Hendrix

Ok, Here is the whole movie… The Jimi Hendrix Experience!

It’s a long one… Try it full screen on the video player!

I put up my peace sign today also!
Oh stop it Trina, I have been working all day… lol 🙂 I hope you all have a good weekend! I am going to have some fun and rock out! Hmmmm… Maybe a barbecue and a couple of martini’s. Oh it sounds too good! I am outta here! I will see you all tomorrow when we all go visit Pete, so make sure to stop by! Continue reading Woodstock The entire concert of Jimi Hendrix

Ah Thursday… With Santana!

The day after Hump-day! LOL

I see that Pete was the top blog this week on Top Sites Tuesday so we are all going to Great Britain on Saturday to visit him… It’s always good to visit Pete’s blog you just might learn something! 🙂 Thanks to all of you that participate, we hope you are having as much fun as we are! 😀 Oh! Did you all see Liggy’s button on the right sidebar? Isn’t it great!?

Everything is running smoothly we added some new Twitter backgrounds to the Twitter Designer you might like ’em so check it out. We have also been doing some real clean-up around here and some upgrades so your blogs should be loading faster then normal.

So as Nancy would say – This is it we are on the down hill run sliding into home… It’s almost the weekend!

Isn’t this Woodstock’s Anniversary weekend? Well, just in case I added an old clip! Santana… Do they rock or what!?
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