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Top Blogs Tuesday, It’s a MEME Now!

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It sure looks like Spring is trying but these chilly nights on the Eastern Shore are still cold to the bone!

I have been thinking about a contest to see who can be number one on BlogDumps. I got it! We could have a Top Sites Tuesday MEME where everyone writes a post on Tuesday and ads the BlogDumps “Make Me Number One” button to it.

Then we can list the top sites each Tuesday on the post here on BlogDumps Blog. Starting Tuesday, everyone can check in and leave a comment saying their post is up.

I will publish the post on Monday night but it won’t have the top sites listed until Tuesday night! So grab a “make me number 1” button and join in the fun, who knows you could be number one.

To make it even more interesting I am going to give away a BlogDumps T-Shirt to the top blogger whose site is number 1 two weeks in a row and a free feature… How does that sound?

There have been a ton of new blogs joining the BlogDumps community so I would like to say Welcome… If you haven’t submitted your blog follow me here!

Make sure to drop in at the discussion forum and add your two cents and make sure to leave a link to your latest and greatest post!

If you are looking for a place to upload your Videos, Photos and Music so you can embed them on your blog, sign-up to BlogDumps Video here. You can even Pimp your page with Myspace type layouts!

Have you tried the new BlogDumps IM, yes we even have our own instant messenger!
Download BlogDumps IM today and send text, audio,Video and you can even transfer files to your friends around the world, how fun is that and it is spyware and web page pop-up free!!!

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Top Blog Sites on BlogDumps.com -Tuesday Meme!

one world singles


your caring angels

make money online money

thai dave


hope works community

dump diggers

sassy darlin

octagon buzz

Have a great week everyone, make sure to join in the new Top Sites Tuesday MEME!

Bloggers Help America

. . . . . .

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Tuesday News and Who’s Hot on BlogDumps

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Just a note that we will be working on BlogDumps Bloggers tonight. We thought this would be the best time to do the work, while everyone is sleeping. So anyway all the blogs are backed up and secure and we should be finished by tomorrow morning… Thanks for being patient this is Maintenance that needs to be done.

Today’s top blogs will be short and sweet as I have a ton of work to do by morning!!!

Today’s top blogs sending readers to BlogDumps are…


Have a great week!

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Hot Blogs On Tuesday!

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Gosh can you believe it’s February? Time flies along doesn’t it. Since the recent turn in my life My son and his wife having a baby, getting there own house, Me becoming a “randpa” (Oh Stop it Sandy, I can see you laughing and having way to much fun with this!!!) I sit and reflect as I guess we all do and it seems like yesterday my boys were sneaking off to the pond for a swim or playing army in the woods on the back of the farm. Now it has me thinking 49 is middle age right? I am sure you will all agree… You will won’t you!!!???

I guess when they all move out I will still have my other kids… My wolves, I will hang out with Woofy and we will have a couple of glasses of wine and let out a few howls together… hehehehe

Yes, I know what you are thinking, It’s not me, Woofy will steal your drink if you turn your back for one second – even if it is on the kitchen counter or on the table. I thought about AA for him but the Parrot (Timothy) would have to go too! Never mind, it just wouldn’t be the same, I actually think Timothy howls better than Woofy!!!

I was reading about social media and how one of the biggest no no’s is to write the same scheduled post.
Well I guess I have failed, I like doing the Top Blog Sites Tuesday! What would be the purpose of having the scripting for top sites if you don’t ever give any credit where it is due. So I am going to continue to do this until I forget – which could be any time now that I am a “Randpa” LOL … What was I writing about???

Oh, Yes Top Blogs Tuesday. There are some new Blogs listed this week so make sure to check them out. I suspect that we will see many new ones as we are getting about 10 or so new members a day now.

Hot Blog Sites on BlogDumps.com Today:











If you would like to get in on the top sites posts just Submit your blog here!

Get your blog featured and support BlogDumps follow me here!

Have a great week everyone,

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Tuesday’s Top Blogs!

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Some of you stop by and I am sure you wonder what is up with this Top Sites Tuesday post.

It’s like this- you submit your blog, add a BlogDumps Button to your blog and the blogs that send the most traffic to BlogDumps gets in this post.

Now there is no set time that I do this post, I just take a screen shot of the front page and then write this post.

If you are new to blogging and looking for readers or you have been around a while and would just like your blog Advertisement to show throughout BlogDumps as a Featured blog Submit your blog here today.

New to Blogging? Create your own blog in just a few clicks, BlogDumps is on it’s own secure server with 24-hour tech support, and it’s built by bloggers for bloggers! On top of it all BlogDumps Bloggers has been updated with all the latest goodies to make blogging an easy and fun adventure. There is a very small one time fee for a blog – I had to do this because the spammers were out of control and once I added the one time fee they have left BlogDumps alone. I wish there were another way but there isn’t.

Top Blog Sites on BlogDumps.com Today:







images.google.hr Where could this be from… Google.hr?







www.google.com.tw How many can there be?

wap.aol.com That’s just funny! I would like to wap AOL, hehehe



There were so many Today I had to add you all, Thanks so much for all the support.

For those of you who are BlogDumps affiliates,
there are new sidebar buttons so check them out.

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Have a great week
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Top Sites Tuesday

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All is well on the Eastern Front! I guess no news is good news… SO they say.

I hope all of you had a great weekend, I did. My youngest daughter and I gave all the horse turn-out sheds on the farm here freash coat of paint for the winter. It was a beautiful day Sunday, a cool breeze and warm sun. Does it get any better? Now you know why I was so late getting my Sunday post up!

I know I shouldn’t say this but I love it when things go smooth the only thing we are haveing a bit of trouble with is file transfers on the BlogDumps messenger but it will be fixed in no time. When we are finished with this last issue I will put the download link throughout the site.

Thanks everyone for all your support and kindness, it makes it all worthwhile. It is all of you that makes BlogDumps the best site we could ever want.

I know it’s Top Sites Tuesday but I have to get my two cents in first. hehehe

Hot Blog Sites on BlogDumps.com Today:

tweeker chick
real life blog
work at home mom 24-7.

Want in on the top sites post just grab a button and submit your blog follow me here

Have a great week
. . . . . . . . . . . .

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Top Blogs Sites Tuesday

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It’s that time again… I know it has been a little while since I posted the top blogs sites but I am back on track so make sure to have your BlogDumps Buttons where your readers can find them and make you number one on the front page. Thank you all for being a part of the BlogDumps community!

How do you like the new look? I think it looks clean and neat. I have a few more things to do but in the end I think it will be the new look for BlogDumps.

The forum has been updated so your avatar shows up on the topics when you post. Make sure to fill out your profile and add your blog links so everyone can visit your blog. If you haven’t joined, make sure to sign-up and promote your blog, Yes I do allow links in your topics ’cause BlogDumps is all about Linky Love. (I think we all know what a spam post is so we’ll leave it at that.)

If you need any support for you blog hosted by BlogDumps feel free to add your questions to the forum, I have added an area just for this. It will help to benefit all BlogDumps Blogger in the case that they are having similar issues, we will be able to compare notes on these issues and how they were fixed.

I will be working on a new project for BlogDumps that will be very cool to have on the site, yes you guessed it….. No you didn’t, LOL. When people sign-up and submit their blog I want to display their feed in their blog listing. BlogDumps is not on a script that I bought out of a box or package, this is our own stuff so I have to figure out how to get this done. Any of you that are into programming and have any ideas I’m listening!

I know I have mentioned this before but there are some cool new buttons for all of you affiliates in the community. If you have become an affiliate already and have a BlogDumps button it’s ok to replace the old ones with a new affiliate button. With the low payout of ten dollars to your PayPal account you will get paid fast and will not have to wait for it to be a large sum of money. If you haven’t joined as an affiliate, now is the time! With more blogs joining everyday, why not replace your old BlogDumps button with a new updated button! All the original buttons are in the affiliate program too. Not an affiliate? Join Now, Follow me here

Here are a couple of examples

That’s the news this Tuesday so without further delay…

Hot Blog Sites on BlogDumps.com Today:
There were so many today!
I did two screen shots this morning so I didn’t miss anyone

Your caring angels.com
ifashion hits.
google.com.py Another google? Geeeeeze…
south side star

If you would like to join in the BlogDumps community just Submit Your Blog Here!

Have a great week

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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