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Saturday Funnies

Doesn’t it seem as though sometimes the harder you try somehow things just don’t happen the way you think they will.

I found this video for this week and it is exactly that… Sports Bloopers or should I say Soccer Bloopers!

The guys in this video are in good shape to be able to run as fast as they do and what a disappointment when, well, you’ll see when you watch this video.

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Have a great holiday weekend 🙂

Ticket Feeder Concert Tickets

I found this really cool site if you get a chance stop by and check it out. If you all are looking for premium sports tickets then you might just want to stop by and check this site out.
This is a very nicely laid out site the colors are easy on the eyes and it is easy to navigate and you can get all your Sports Tickets at great prices.
Not only do they have Sport Tickets
* MLB Baseball
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* NFL Football
* NHL Hockey
* Nascar
* College Football
* Summer Games
* Tennis
* NCAA Basketball

they have concert tickets
* Pop
* Rock
* Country
* Alternative
* R & B
* Latin & Regaeton
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* Jazz & Blues
* Classical/Opera
* Other Concerts
* Shows
* Comedy

Theater tickets.
* Broadway/ Touring/ Theater
* Cirque Du Soleil
* Dance/Ballet
* Family
* Speaking Tours
* Other Theater
* Comedy
* Classical/Opera
Ticket feeder even has an rss feed so you can keep up on the latest about what’s going on!
In their sidebar they have an event alert you can sign-up for also. If you are a spots fan then this is for you!

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