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Time for a Babble Break

Ay, was last weeks Top Blog Site on Tuesday! Her blogs, Time for a Babble Break and Kitchen Trails are awesome new additions to the BlogDumps Community.

Time for a Babble Break

In her Blog, Time For a Babble Break, Ay writes about everything from daily life to food reviews and family outings. Ay States:

Was once into public relations but found that relating to kids gives more satisfaction and makes so much more sense. So it was goodbye to the corporate world some years back. Currently a stay home mum to three boisterous, active and lovable kids who keep me insanely occupied but very fulfilled. Welcome to my Wonderland and join me for a babble-licious Babble Break.

And the site is just that, a stay at home mums wonderland! I love how everything is light and friendly. The site is whimsical with pictures of the family line the sidebar.

Kitchen Trails

In Kitchen Trails, Ay writes about “Sharing my thrills and spills in the kitchen and all that yum factor….”. On BlogDumps Birthday she brought Bubur Cha-Cha which sounds really interesting – and the recipe was really surprising! In the picture Bubur Cha Cha looks like a fruit soup, but it is actually made with yams, sweet potatoes, and Black beans! She posts pictures of different foods that I find totally interesting – I think I’m just curious what some of them are and what they taste like because I’ve never had it!

I think but of these blogs deserved recognition! Welcome to BlogDumps!

*Wolfbernz rolls out Red Carpet – successfully avoiding tripping over his own feet this time – and invites Ay to the stage for a speech*


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I Eat Snow Man Poop!

I have followed this blog for quite some time now… About three years or so.

In fact she has been blogging before BlogDumps was ever even thought of. I was mostly a lurker in the beginning, reading without leaving a comment, I guess it was before I really learning blogging etiquette.

The Poop’s blog is great! I guess the first thing that caught my eye was the title:

I Eat Snowman Poop Banner

From then on Trina and I have been hooked. One of the best posts, gosh July 12, 2006 I am going back-a-ways now : Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Kids Go Find Their Own Bandaids I found this to be so funny I died laughing and had to send all my friends to look at the picture! OMG The post is so true of the little guys and for all of you that have little ones (especially little boys) you know what I am talking about… lol

I think what I like the most about “I Eat Snowman Poop” is just following her daily life as she blogs. The Poop is a true blogger not someone trying to make it rich – you won’t find any ebooks ( although she should write one!) but you will find a cool blog with a great layout and the blog title… I still chuckle each time I say it… lol

The poop was one of the first to join the BlogDumps community – she used my favorite button “I took a Dump on BlogDumps” For some reason it just fit perfectly… lol

The Poop is a wonderful person and has supported us for years and we appreciate her very much for that. She truly deserved this feature.. I can’t believe we haven’t featured her before!?!

Happy Blogging, Poop!

Well, Wolfbernz is right I thoroughly enjoy the I Eat Snowman Poop Blog – I am a regular reader, but I am guilty of being a lurker. Sometimes I laugh so much that I simply forget to comment!

Her last post – Goings On – she made the following statement:

“I just realized I am constantly surround by poo and not just the bullshit I have to put it out of people all the time but stinky poo. There’s baby poo, 3 cats worth of poo. and a stepson and a husband. why do men poo and fart so much. I’m tired of poo.”

Honey, I totally feel for ya’! I think that question for women is similar to the question “What do Women want?” for men!

Anyway, I follow “The Poop” on Twitter! Wanna talk about funny! When she tweeted “i wish it wasn’t so hot so that all the old fat men would put their shirts back on” I ’bout died Laughing! She’s “The Poop”! LMAO

Well, Happy Saturday!
Your Bloggy Beech,

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iTune App Reviews – iPhones, iTunes, and more!

 iPhone Apps, iPhone 3G apps and iPod touch Applications Reviews

Techie Blogs are always so helpful! Then there are the techie blog written by people like this:

We are a couple of Apple iPhone 3G Geeks. We have nothing better to do than buy, test and review all the coolest Apps for your iPhone from the iTunes App Store. Thank God Apple opened the iPhone to third part Apps this make the iPhone Stand Alone in the Gadget World.

In doing so Apple has created a new world for us, we now have a subject that we are passionate about and a forum to express our thoughts and feelings about the iPhone and all the Awesome Apps that are being created for us to use on it.

Remember This Is Just The Beginning The Is More And Better iPhone Apps To Come From The iTunes App Store.

I always enjoy creative “About Us” statements. The only way to give them any justice is to quote them.

Their blog layout is clean and easy to navigate with an upbeat atmoshpere full of Techie stuff written in a way even I could understand.

If you want to know more about your iPhone or if you want more applications for your iPhone, this is one blog you have to check out!!

I was reading about the “Pocket Cocktails” wouldn’t that App make it easy next time I want a different drink and don’t know what I want to get at the liquor store! Gosh! Maybe I should look into getting an iPhone! My cell is so crappy I lost it a month ago and don’t miss it at all! — I can’t believe I just admitted that…

Happy Saturday Night!