Sunday Music -Party Time

We are having such a blast this weekend we made it to the mounton’s of West Virgina and Virgina- I never new there were both but, oh well 🙂 it’s really nice here. We are staying in Winchester, Va. It is a cute little town.

We have hit lots of wineries around here, one would almost think they were in Napa Valley. There are too many to hit them all, it’s amazing! The wines here are so good, OMG *hic – Up*

We are staying in the Marriott hotel they are so nice it has an indoor pool and jacuzzi and the rooms are super nice – so are the people who run the place they have been very helpful and nice to us. The plus is they have internet!

Today we are off to a wine festival there will be over 250 wineries OMG bring the stretcher to get me back to the car…LOL

I thought this music would be fitting, Pete you might want to turn down you speakers, but Liggy might want to turn them up … hehehe 🙂

All the best,

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One thought on “Sunday Music -Party Time”

  1. How’d you know I’d turn up the music? LOL! Nice music choice today…this is actually a song that even my kids and the hubby like to rock to!

    Hope you’re enjoying it there. The Marriott is a great place to stay at. Don’t let Wolf sit too long in one place…he might get too comfortable like he did in his recliner…hehe!

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