Sunday Music

Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been a little preoccupied with my Sunburn, courtesy of yesterday’s beach outing, for most of the morning.

Yesterday started out perfectly for a very fair skinned person, like myself, to go enjoy a day at the beach. The morning clouds promised rain – I though that was awesome – rain never came, just clouds. Then the sky cleared and my sunblock failed me. *Sigh* Now I remember why I don’t frequent the beach when I can’t comfortably wear long sleeves, pants, and a scarf 🙂

Here’s to sincerely being jealous of all you folks that tan beautifully, and here’s to all of you who suffer after a day in the sun, just like me. LOL

Happy Sunday!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Music”

  1. Oh, you poor thing. 🙁 Do you have any alo Vera (sp?) around? It works really good for sun burns or any burns for that matter. If you don’t have the plant you can get some that is already to use at the drug store. I hope you feel better soon.

    Love and Blessings,

  2. Aloe very is wonderful stuff, Anglebaby and it does work. Also, green tea…two green teabags, Trina…put them in hot water first then let them cool, take a soft cloth and wring it out in the tea then apply. A few years ago we had friends visiting from Scotland and the husband just HAD to be out in the sun…fair skin and all. Next day, he was suffering a bit but it was a little hazy and he swore he’d be fine despite our warnings. Sure enough..he was beet red and hurting by the day’s end. I gave his wife the ingredients for an old remedy my mother had used on me…run a tepid bath with lots of vinegar in the water. How or why, who knows but it took much of the sting out (and it works also for treating fever in a child). Only thing was, he did wear the heavy aroma of fish and chips! Ooh, feel better soon, girl…I feel for you having just been through similar. I’m with you…best time for the beach is in a gale!!

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