Saturday Night Dump – The Inferno

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What a better way to get ready for the Halloween Season than to visit and awesome blog with scary undertones? With a Welcome Page:

Welcome all, to the the maiden voyage of… The Inferno! BEWARE……….. BEWARE …. BEWARE……..(cue evil laughter echoing from deep within the ships bowels) Brar har, har, har… har. we are the scallywags from our sister ships, The Artist Challenge, and Dante’s Pub.

The Inferno

I love their overall theme and I was going to try to describe what thier site was all about, but I couldn’t write it better:

We are a community of artist and writers from around the world, who gather to share in the creative influence. The Challenge started as a dare between two amazing artists. It has since grown to encompass what is now The Artist Challenge. Our last gallery had 20 artists who participated in the theme. One of those was not an artist at all, but a writer. For this community feels that writers are artists themselves, simply working in a different medium.

They host a Writer’s Challenge, posting a theme and a submission deadline for creative writing works of art. The challenge Title, Nightmare’s Dance, “this theme be in the spirit of Hitchcock, one of the masters of scream and scare. ” And the entry deadline is Saturday, October 3, 2009. I can’t wait to read this challenge! Their last challenge, “Curiosity Killed The Cat” was awesome! Themed with Edgar Allan Poe’s style, each entry was an entertaining read!

There are a lot of awesome reads on The Inferno, you totally gotta’ check it out!
PS: Welcome to BlogDumps!

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PS: Welcome to BlogDumps!

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Dump – The Inferno”

  1. Wow, that you so much for the great review. We are indeed flattered.

    We just love good fiction and art. There are so many fantastic writers out there in the blogosphere, and we want to enjoy the art of writing with them.

  2. The pleasure is all ours, I guarantee! Your blog has an awesome collection of writers and We enjoyed reviewing it immensely!!

  3. Yes, I agree with Wolf on The Inferno…I was awestruck to see that such a cool blog existed! And my congrats goes out to The Inferno as well.

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