Saturday Blog Dump

It’s another great day here on the Eastern Shore, well as long as you stay away from the beach during rush hour…lol Yes the summer crowd is here!

As I sit here with my new BlogDumps Internet Explorer Toolbar radio on I am having a blast surfing the web with my favorite radio station playing. I just configured the weather for my area and changed all my autofill options, just click the arrows to the right of the word auto on the tool bar. These options will allow you to show what you want and help you configure your tool bar. You will also find drop down arrows next to certain buttons for settings and other options. You can even add your email so it will check it for you and let you know if you have mail.

If you use Internet Explorer you will find a custom Google search box. If you would like to help support BlogDumps and keep all these cool features coming please use the search box and click on the sponsered results. It might not be much but it all adds up and helps pay the server costs. I would like to thank all of you for the support you have given us over the past Three years!

Firefox would not allow us to have the custom search or the radio but that’s ok most of you use IE so it’s ok.

The biggest news of the day is BlogDumps Birthday Carnival Bash!

Yes on July 25, 2009 BlogDumps will have a giant virtual party, everyone is welcome! Bring whatever you want to the party there will be at the Pool so bring your bathing suits, oh and on that note nobody better push me into the pool this year! If you have any food, there will be a food table etc… Make sure to leave a link in your comments that you are or will be participating – this is so we can all stop by your blog and check out what you have to say or see the presents, food or blessings you brought to the carnival bithday bash! We have done this in the past and it was so much fun and everyone made new friends and received a ton of comments and new readers to their blog. I will update everyone and send out a news letter to let everyone know to mark your calender! I guess I should put a count-down in the side bar of the blog. If I can figure out how I will add it so we all remember…

I would like to welcome all the new members to the BlogDumps community this week. Please jump right in and join us in all the fun we have around here. I hope you find our community fun, upbeat and just a good time that breaks the regular ‘ole work week up!

I know a lot of you use the web at work and Myspace, Facebook and Yahoo are blocked but BlogDumps is not. You can use the Instant Messenger and even BlogDumps video they are not blocked. BlogDumps is just like YouTube, Myspace, Facebook and Photo sharing all roled into one. You can also send personal messages to each other, upload Music videos and photos. Not that I am promoting playing at work but sometimes it is fun to just take a break!

For those who want to add to their Tool Bar radio here are some urls here is a small list I have found.
I want you to know I do not endorse or promote these this is just for you to use and make it simple for you I will add more as time goes by. If you know of a cool url for a radio station add it in the comments.
Click on autofill options then internet radio add the name and URL click apply and then OK that’s it.

There is a Great rock station as a default -Thanks Trina

These url’s were found here the ones labeled as a web player do not work and some of the stations no longer exist. I tested the url’s below and they work fine. I had the best luck adding them with just on IE window open. -Top 40 -Oldies -Blues -Country Music -Flash back music

mms:// -Cristian Contemporary Music -Christian Talk Radio -News Talk Radio

Have a great Saturday,

. . . . . . . . . .