Pete’s ‘Today in History’ Quiz

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Pete’s “Today in History” Quiz blog was the top blog this week on Top Sites Tuesday!

Pete has a great blog with a ton of useful information. He delivers it in the form of a quiz. I really like Pete’s blog it is so informative and a fun place to visit. Pete has been joining in the Top Site Tuesday Meme and we love having him here in the community.

Pete's 'Today in History' Quiz

Everyday Pete put’s up a quiz consisting of three questions and the answers are posted on the next day’s blog. I find every question challenging, however I must admit I cheat from time to time by Googling the answers!

In his Biography, Pete writes:

“I have been presenting weekly Pub Quizzes for the last 8 years here in Birmingham and I thought it was about time to test out some of my questions on a wider audience.
My basic philosophy for a quiz is: – Don’t make it too hard (people don’t like to go home thinking that they know nothing!)
If people don’t know an answer, when they do hear it they say, “****, I should have known that!!” (There’s nothing worse at a quiz than being none the wiser when you’ve heard the answer!)
Aim the questions at your target audience’s interests.
I have published the book “The Easy Quiz Master” (available via Amazon and This book is designed to give aspiring quiz masters enough questions for a whole year of quizzing based on presenting a quiz per week.
Aside from quizzing I enjoy playing golf (not very well – handicap 19), canal holidays, visiting pubs, science fiction and taking occasional photos.”

So let’s all make the journey to Birmingham in the United Kingdom and visit Pete! Good luck with Today’s Quiz!


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4 thoughts on “Pete’s ‘Today in History’ Quiz”

  1. Well, thanks everyone. I’m surprised and flattered that you like my daily offering! It’s nice to know that people read it and get something useful (or even something useless!!) from it!!

    I enjoy looking at the other contributions as well – gives me a different perspective!

    See you at the quiz!


  2. Congrats, Pete! For most of the time, I don’t know the answers, but enjoy seeing the various questions you pose anyway.

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