Leaving Mazatlan for Mantenchen bay

We had a good time in Mazatlan but it was too much city for me. We stayed a few days and then set sail for the next stop – we had to leave early so we didn’t have to try to come into the anchorage at night… We did make it just fine 🙂

We arrive in Mantenchen bay and it was a beautiful place, there was a great surf spot there – the longest ride was timed at five minutes!!! We were only going to use it as a stop over but it was so nice we stayed two days. The only bad thing was the no-see-um’s, I had no trouble I had my bug repellent clothes on, but the rest of the crew didn’t and were eaten big time.

As we head further south everything seems to be getting cheaper I had a double lobster dinner for 150 pesos, about 12 American dollars, and boy was it good 🙂

So we have set sail again and it is off to Punta De Mita, another cool surf spot and place to anchor and hang out.

We bought a Mexican air card so we can have internet now since we aren’t a hundred miles off shore any more we will just be making small hops down the coast. Finally we are connected! It is weird not to have any cell phones, TV, or Internet – no communications… Well unless you want to use the Sat Phone at five bucks a minute, I’ll pass on that 🙂

I haven’t re-sized any photos yet but I will soon and add them to the blog, I did however add a video of us going down the jungle river to the ocean to release baby turtles to re populate them it was an awesome ride past crocodiles and cool wild life so stop by the front page and check out the video.


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