Google Maps

I am familiar with Google map. Matter of fact I have been know to plugin my computer in the car and find my way home using Google Maps (that was before I was gifted with a wonderful GPS) And I Love Google Maps!

One of the new features on Google Maps is a “Street View” option. I was playing around when I discovered this new option… errrrr I was investigating Google for new ummmmmmm Ok What-ever. The point is I discovered this new “Street View” option and it IS awesome! Seriously, Google your address in Google Maps and if the option is available you can check it out.

BUT my real question is when did the Google Van drive down my street? I didn’t see it… was it unmarked…. did it have high-tech cameras spinning on the top of it? Is Google taking over the world? 😉

On another Note, I wanted to congratulate I Eat Snowman Poop on being the Top Site Sending Traffic on Tuesday this week! If you’ve never read her blog or followed her on Twitter… seriously – you should! She’s uplifting and exciting and so funny! But I should save all that for the review and Feature we will be doing on her blog this Saturday!

Know what the best part about Thursday is? Tomorrow is Friday and the week is OVER!

Good Night!

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