Friday Fifteen #1

Wow has it been crazy around here. The links are coming in so fast I can hardly keep up! So today’s Friday and we’re doing our first Friday Fifteen!! Please visit these awesome blogs, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, and Let ’em know Wolfbernz set you!!

Fifteen Blogs Dumped on BlogDumps!

I am a wife, mother and step-mother. And I have lots to say and my husband is sick of hearing it.

Also in Family Blogs

Random thoughts and reflections of a Christian graphic artist

Also in Blogging Guys

Also in Family Blogs

The friggin’ cat house

This is not my cat’s blog and it’s not about cats. I’m just weird. Come on in to find out …

Also in Blogging Girls

I’m a Virtual Assistant and here’s where I blog! You’ll find advice, thoughts, rants and even my weekly podcast. Tune in!

Also in Technology Blogs

They’re All Our Children

A blog about the issues that effect children across the world… and how you can help! A portion of proceeds from ads is donated to organizations that serve children.

Also in Family Blogs

Cari duit

A Malay blog about online money making. Great tips and tricks about generating online income. Don’t worry, they have their own English version for the English readers.

Also in Foreign Language Blogs


Discussion topics covered are General Issues, Life, Relationships, The Supernatural, Building Self-Confidence, How To Get What You Want In Life, Money Making Techniques.. etc…

Also in General Blogs

Fourth of July Wishes

Fourth of July Wishes is a blog about wishing people a happy Fourth of July through ecards, it’s also about how to party and celebrate our nation’s Independence.

Also inBlogging Girls

Elque’s Blogger Templates

Free new Blogger templates – great template selections, adsense-based, extremely easy customization, and complete template design tutorial

Also in Technology Blogs

Entertainment Pour a Mai Tai and enjoy posts about Tiki, Disney, Muppets, Music, Movies, Pop Culture, and General Nonsense

Also in Entertainment Blogs

MyPlace On-Line

We have all types of blog categories, but MyplaceOL is much more then that. CHECK IT OUT!!!

Also in General Blogs


Welcome to the unofficial blog of Kurt Poleet. I reserve the right to be wrong, as often as possible…

Also in Political Blogs

Our Cheating Ways

At some point in almost every relationship, the temptation of infidelity presents itself. Will you cheat?

Also in Entertainment Blogs


Tango and expat life in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from the point of view of a California who lives there.

Also in Travel Blogs

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  1. BlogDumps is a really cool site. There’s lots of current blogs here, not a bunch of outdated ones like on other traffic sites.

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