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On first look one can not grasp the depth of beauty and passion stirred by The Artist Challenge. This site is an inspiration to those who participate in the monthly challenges and those who view the results from challenges past.

On their “What the Heck is this Site?” page I found the following:

What is The Artist Challenge?
The Artist Challenge is ‘dare’ between artists. Example: “How would a foolish soul like you portray ‘Hope’ in a singular image or artwork?”

How does it work and what are the requirements?
The theme for the challenge will be clearly defined at the first of every month with links to research the subject. It’s origins may come from the artists, patrons or some other unlikely spirit.

The challenge can be done in any style or medium the artist chooses. (Painters, Sculptures and craftsmen are all welcome.) Each member is given 30 days to render their concept and post their masterpiece on The Artist Challenge site by the specified drop dead date.

Of course, there is more to the page, but you have to go to The Artist Challenge to read it – I’m not giving away all the details!

The artwork submitted on each challenge is amazing! Their last challenge, Art Challenge#20- Shifting Shadows was actually posted last night and the artwork- all we can say is Wow! 11 artists participated and each work of art was so different – every interpretation was unique! I really love how every piece of artwork submitted has artist details and details about that particular piece of art when you click on it.

If you are an art lover, or collector – heck, if you like to look at awesome things, you gotta check out The Artist Challenge! If you are an Artist of any kind, I encourage you to participate as one artist wrote

“These challenges are changing my work. Have commented; some where, about this. No longer to I approach a piece with a concept only. Tend to ponder it for a while, what is it saying not only to my eyes, but my heart and mind and if it turns out well it represents a part of my soul. Look at the rendition we each come up with and the world becomes more a touching compassionate loving “complete” world. Truly am very fortunate to be a part of this gallery of Artists.”

The Artist Challenge
is a great asset to our community and I hope you all enjoy the site as much as I do.

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