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Relaxing Sunday

I always like Sunday’s! My favorite is to wake up get a cup of coffee and watch Sunday Morning.
Thinking about it, I have done this for so long and can’t remember when I started it, I can say I have been watching since Charles Kerault was the anchor man. It was great this morning they had Steve Martin on, he is so funny and they showed some other comedians also, it was great!

On another note I have come up with an idea that will be great but I will need all the bloggers across the United States to participate in order for it to be a success.

I have created a web presence on the internet and I want to do something good with it.

Bloggers Help America

It’s all about Bloggers coming together to help America.

We have Millions of bloggers in the United States, last I heard it was between 11 and 15 million, how many people can we feed and help save from disaster in their lives if we all banded together and gave a buck to Bloggers Help America? We could help feed the hungry, save a family and kids from ending up on the street! I want everyone to participate.

There will be a page set up just for this listing the money raised and who donated with a link to their blog and you will be able to proudly display the badge on your blog.

Also we will make decisions together I will set up polls and ask for people to comment and become invested in this process not just give and forget! I hope all of you will join me and lets show how powerful little ‘ole bloggers can be.

All the best,

I hope you all are having a great weekend, Thanks for stopping by.

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BlogDumps Video is Under Construction

So, Wolfbernz has done it again. He’s trying to improve the site, but has put BlogDumps Video… Under Construction.

I think his message on the front page of BlogDumps Video says it all.

In the end the new page will look more like BlogDumps and will help to pull the site together.

FYI-None of your embedded videos, music or pictures have been effected by this upgrade.

Happy Tuesday!!


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Top Sites Inauguration Tuesday

It is a cold frigid day here on the Eastern Shore today! Today is Obama’s Inauguration Day! A day when the whole world will be looking this way… the beginning of promised change.

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I started this post about, Oh, 5:30 am this morning – way before the inauguration of our President Obama- as I started my day, I laid in bed and wrote this with my coffee on my lap top. I have no clue why. I just felt the need to blog I guess! But as I finish this post this afternoon and after watching our President Barack Obama take the oath of office I feel the sense of change in the air. I saw the young kids faces lit up – what hope he brings to the table in the classrooms.

Barack Obama does brings hope and hopefully he will bring peace and prosperity – One nation under God.
Did you notice how many prayers and how many things involved the use of God in the language spoken through out this whole campaign and all the way to the Inauguration Today. I did like the end prayer when the preacher said, “Let the yellow be mellow and let the white do what’s right” and I think today we have shown that we have grown as a nation and done just that.

This could be the change our country has needed for so long to work together as equals. If we are to be the example of what democracy is to be then this is the direction we should be headed. I set a few photos to music of our president, I think I even posted it once but I guess it would be ok to do it again.

I know it’s top sites Tuesday but I just felt the need to blog away so without further delay here they are!

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Have a great week everyone,

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Whistle-stop Saturday!

Well, not only was President-elect Obama on the 137-mile journey, a trip that started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and retraced the train ride Abraham Lincoln took on his way to becoming president in 1861, along for the ride was his wife Michelle, Vice President Elect Joe Biden and his Wife. As they passed through the area, Obama gave an awesome, awe-inspiring speech in Baltimore, Maryland, to approximately 40,00 people who stood in the frigid cold weather to hear him speak and witness this historic occasion.

I hope he brings change, peace and prosperity to our nation.

I don’t think it is ironic that he rode the historical track of President Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves by signing the Emancipation Proclamation, I think his historical ride finished the job. Not only are the black men and women free, but now we have a black man as a President. We ARE a country of free and equal people.

With 2 million people expected to hit the streets of Washington, D. C. on Tuesday for Obama’s Inauguration and their closing of the bridges across the Potomac River into the city, along with most of the downtown. I think that Most of America will have the best seats in the house… their house. No Crowds, Front Row View, and You can jump in the car to go get party snacks if you want. LOL

Obama's Train ride to the Inaguration

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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