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This Week On BlogDumps

I don’t know about all of you but it has been a long week!

The weather here has been super, warm sun and cool wind and a few evening showers have made it very pleasant.

This weeks Top Sites Tuesday was a lot of fun thanks to all of you that joined in. If you haven’t tried a meme – it’s not only fun but will bring you new readers and comments on your blog. Not only does it break the ice for others to comment but it also gives you links from other sites that will also help you gain more readers. I hope that more of you will participate it can be very interesting when many of you join in the fun 🙂

I am still working on the BlogDumps Bloggers site. For those that don’t know what that is, you can get a blog right here on BlogDumps. I work on updating the blogging platform and bringing you new features to make it better for you or for your business weather you blog for fun or for your business. The shopping cart plugin is still in the works, but will be nice to have if I can get it to work without issues!

Not much else is happening behind the scenes around here. I do have a couple thing on the back burner that I want to work on after the shopping cart – one being a place on your BlogDumps Profile Dashboard where you can change your blog link and category. I hope to get to that later this summer.

If you want to use a simple spam free Instant Messenger give BlogDumps IM a try you will like it 🙂 Chat and transfer files and more.

TGIF!!! Have a great weekend.


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We Entered The Twilight Zone

I guess this is what they call adventure 🙂

We left Bahia Santa Maria and headed North toward Turtle Bay. We made it there and got stuck in bad weather again. We had a small window so we went for it and made it to San Carlos safely.

We waited for days for the weather to break and we had a twelve hour window to make it to Bahia San Quintin so we went for that… What a crazy ride that was! We left two hours earlier than the weather window, we left at 7 that night. We were going to go between the land and Sacramento reef but it was night time so we decided to go around it on the outside.

We did ok except when we were leaving Bahia San Carlos we bent the anchor all up trying to pull it up on the boat.

We had fourteen miles to go to get to the outside of the reef when the motor started smoking, we had sails up so we let it idle and sailed all night just to go the fourteen miles to the reef. When we got three miles to the west of the reef and the wind became 30 plus miles an hour and ten to fifteen foot seas – then the mainsail had a problem, the flashlight broke, one of the front sails came unfurled on it’s own and had to be taken down, we hit a seaweed island and it was stuck to the bottom of the boat, the GPS broke and stopped working (we tried to fix it and we unhooked it from all power and the alarm was still going off!!!???) The Ipad GPS back-up stopped working (the two different GPS units said we were going in different directions!) Then all electronic equipment went out.

It was the strangest thing in the world…

So here we were in the middle of the mess when we hit a whirlpool and did 8 three sixties, lost our steering, it was like we were in the Twilight Zone.

We finally got the main sail going and we could not pass the reef due to wind and currents (and equipment failure)… we tried for three hours! We decided to go back to San Carlos. We fixed some of the mess and cleaned up the boat used the back-up for the back-up Mac computer for GPS and navigation charts and I drove us back toward were we came from by compass. We got close to where we could make a decision to go between the reef and land and head north again and not go back so I made the decision to go north between the reef and land and at least get to the next anchorage.

Trina took over navigation and gave me course and heading directions while I drove using the compass and the captain watched for kelp, crab pots, and Mexican pangas.

We made it to the next anchorage and it had big surf breaking and kelp everywhere so we decided to go for it to San Quintin where we are now. Everyone else wanted to turn back but I said I would rather get my ass kicked than quit!!!

We were all up for 36 hours straight but we made it safe and sound. All is well we are working on the boat fixing things, one of the crew is going under the boat with dive gear to check the bottom. We have another weather window on Friday at midnight but we won’t leave unless we have most things working again. The motor is fixed, we are working on the rest. We only have two hundred miles to go to get back to the good ‘ol USA and we are on our way home back to my nice soft bed. Oh Yeah 🙂

Wolfbernz and Trina

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Sunday Music – Happy Birthday Wolfbernz

So it’s Wolfbernz birthday, well not really it was on the 31st of March but we are going to celebrate it today.

Both sons, their wives and his little man ( the grandson) are coming over to hang out. I am taking them to church with us today, ok I’m dragging one – but that’s ok. We are not the biggest church goers but we are family people and we do like values and morals… Something that is lacking in today’s society. Especially after stopping by and reading Cheryl’s post today.

So I hope they don’t mind, they said it would be his day, so what a better way to start a family day than church, lunch and a movie, yep that’s it but there better be cake involved… LOL Wolfbernz LOVES CAKE!!!

It’s even a warm and sunny spring day 🙂 Does it get any better? Family fun, lots of love and happiness!
After all isn’t that what it is supposed to be all about. So if you happen by make sure to wish Wolfbernz a Happy Birthday in the comments.

Have a great Sunday
PS. Thanks for all you do for us here on BlogDumps!

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The Suffering in Japan

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I normally do the BlogDumps news but I felt compelled to write this.

It is almost unbearable to watch as it unfolds. The earthquake was bad enough, then the tsunami and now the turning point of nuclear disaster. Our hearts go out to everyone that has been affected by this. This is such a horrible thing it has affected people all over the world as loved ones try to find each other.

I don’t know if you have been to the front page of BlogDumps lately but we added the Google Person Finder: 2011 Japan Earthquake victims. We are not looking for kudos for doing this we are just trying to do our part. Google has really stepped up to the plate and added some great resources for the people of Japan. If you visit the front page and click on “Other Resources” you are taken to a page where you can donate to the Red Cross of Japan through the Google Checkout, it is safe and secure. They also added to the page that…

“This page is being updated continuously to provide the latest information about this crisis, resources for those affected, and ways to contribute to relief efforts in Japan. “

The page is full of alerts and contact information and ways to help. I feel like Google has stepped up and given people an easy and safe way to donate and help out Japan during such disastrous times.

I wish there were more we could do here other than watch this disaster unfold before us. I was going to add a video or a photo but I think we have all seen enough and we don’t need to look at the past we need to step up and do our part to help and look forward to the future.



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BlogDumps News

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It’s been a week now since we have been home and lucky me I came down with the flu!

So I have been hanging around in the easy chair, not allowed to go out, so I have been working with some of the programmers to fix some of the small issues on BlogDumps. One of the issues wasn’t so small though, the spammers as you may remember had taken over and learned how to manipulate the Top Sites Sending traffic script on the front page. Well, we gave it our best shot here and finally had to call in the programmers that wrote the original script, well I can’t say enough good things about them. I explained that they had somehow learned to manipulate the script that runs Top Sites and that this is really important to us on Tuesdays and sure enough this is what had happened. But they are better then the hackers! The Top Sites Tuesday script is fixed and even better then ever, only one click from one IP address can be used so no more manipulation. I can say they were about to drive me crazy because the spammers’ links led to nasty porn sites and you know how much I despise them.

You can find the programmers that have different scrips you can use on your site that made the top referrers script that we use here We used their help in this years ago and they didn’t have a problem just jumping in there and helping fix the problem. Nice people to say the least and true programmers they will not let someone ruin their work.

The rest of the news to report is we have been working on the features of BlogDumps making them faster and easier to use so enjoy the BlogDumps features after all they are free.

Since we are back on the farm and at the office now, we have re-opened blog registrations and the fast track blog submission. You can get your blog featured and added to the directory also, so if you are ready to get your blog featured and get a review of your blog to fast track it to gaining readers and traffic just hit this link and you will be on your way.

Don’t forget Trina and I are always just an email away so if you need any help just drop us an email the help button is on the bottom of the front page of BlogDumps.

I hope you all have had a great week and let’s hope for some warm weather this weekend… I am ready 🙂

See you tomorrow when we announce our newest featured member make sure to stop by and check out her cool blog.

We hope that this year BlogDumps will become the premier blog directory to join and thousands of you join us and have fun right here on BlogDumps one of the last human edited and family owned blog directories.


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As We Travel

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We have been in La Paz on the boat and have done a few road trips to a cool town on the lower end of Baja California called Todo Santos.

One thing I have learned on this trip is that it is an adventure. We have gone the wrong way on one way streets, then we took the wrong road and went totally the wrong way. We were pulled over by the federales and the police man took all our money but no ticket or trip to the jail… We did make it to Todo Santos and Landed in a really cool three room villa in a place called Posada Del Molino. It’s an old sugar cane mill with a couple amazing rooms and very friendly owners. Trina took lots of pictures here are some of them.

But as we have travel on this trip I have found that there are so many people that need so much. Just clean water is something to treasure and is something we take for granted at home because we have so much. The houses are not the big fancy homes and full of TVs some are made of just pallets and a palm leaf roof! – if they have electric, wow what a bonus let alone hot water. There are only a few paved roads here and the rest are dirt or dirt and rock… Makes for a bumpy ride! But here we complain at home when there is a pot-hole in the freshly paved road.

Something I have noticed is that the people are happy, polite, and the kids seem to find pleasure in the simplest things, not a video game or a TV show. These are proud people and happy with what they have and you can see the love for family everywhere you go, it is a lesson to be learned to those who have so much and think they haven’t gotten their fair share, let me tell you something, you have it – you just don’t see it.

This trip has made me realize just how good life is whether you have it all or have nothing – if you are happy life is at it’s best! So cherish the happy moments and enjoy them as they come along. If people in a third world country with so little can be happy and so thankful we should all sit up and take notice.

For those that have followed my blogging about making electric wind mills and solar energy, I see how much of a difference this could make and how much of an impact it would be for the people to have electric utilities and how this could be done for a small amount of money relative to the amount that we waste each day.

Todo Santos is a really laid back town very friendly people and the beach and surf have been wonderful – I take that back awesome is the right word to use. We were here on New Years and it was so nice we decided to return for a couple days to enjoy this wonderful town before we set sail for Mazatlan.

It was different to drive down dirt roads and look at brick and block walls and think this is a hotel? But once we were behind the walls that kept out the dusty road it opened into this magnificent beauty of palms, flowers and plants that we keep indoors that were eight feet tall. It was as if we stepped into a different time or place.

I can’t tell you enough how nice it was to sleep in a bed that doesn’t move bounce or shift like on the boat but I can say that after being on the ocean for so long I had to do a three point stance (one hand on the wall and feet spread) when I took that long hot shower… ’cause the shower was moving as if I were still on the sailboat… LOL

The surf at Todo Santos today was head high or bigger with long rolling waves we had a great time! I managed to catch a few but I stayed in the water so long I couldn’t lift myself up on the surf board any longer so I rode the last on in on my stomach with a big grin on my face Viva Todo Santos 🙂

Headed out to the surf

Next stop will be Mazatlan as we will sail across the Sea of Cortez. It is a three hundred and fifty mile crossing we hope for good weather and mellow seas!

Thanks for stopping by

PS since we are traveling the spammers have tried to take over the top sites I am working on a fix for this. If you all could do me a favor and click your BlogDumps

Buttons while we travel it will bump them off the page… Thanks in advance!

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Happy New Year From La Paz

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Hi everyone, we took off from Cabo and did a 24 hour sail to La Paz it was a very nice easy sail and Trina plotted the course all the way here (it was her first time to plot a sailing course). There were beautiful islands along the way it was just fantastic. Since it was an overnight sail and we all took shifts sailing the boat I didn’t get many Photos but the ones I did I will upload later as I take them off the camera. I found some internet so I thought I would do a blog post and let everyone know what’s up and that we made it to our next destination.

La Paz is really nice it’s warm and sunny and the marina here is really nice. It has swimming pools, tennis courts and golf. We plan to stay here until New Years and then set sail for Mazatlan. Mazatlan is about a three hundred mile or so sail across the Sea Of Cortez to the mainland of Mexico. Trina is having a lot of fun and so am I. It is well deserved for Trina for all the hard work she has put in in the last five years.

I hope you all had the best Christmas and If for some reason we do not have internet Have a great New Years!

All the best
Wolfbernz and Trina

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Saturday Funnies

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Finally the sun is out here a little cool but that’s ok!
Instead of a video I found these funny photos on B Tubed today 🙂

funny pictures squirrel-is ready for winter

funny pictures cat sits in box

Funny Mailbox

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Have a great Saturday


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BlogDumps 4th Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday BlogDumps

Today is BlogDumps Birthday!! So instead of the usual posts we thought it would be fun to have a party!

Make sure to join in the fun, we are having a virtual pool party. The caterers have been here, the tables are set up, the food is started so any requests are welcome and the bar is now open. It would be great if everyone could bring something – simply leave it in the comments! If you bring something make sure to leave a link to your blog!

Since we are celebrating BlogDumps 4th Birthday we are starting Top Sites Tuesday Early! Let everyone know about the party and we will run it until Tuesday night and see how much fun we can have. We will calculate who is the top blog at that time. You can put your post up early or wait until Tuesday but the party starts Today!

This week’s winner will receive a newly designed BlogDumps T-shirt!

Everyone is welcome, Readers and Bloggers, – Whether you are new to the community or you have been around since the beginning come join the fun!

Using the HTML code below:

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Come Join Top Sites Tuesday and be #1 on BlogDumps!

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So grab the “Make Me Number One″ button code above add it to your blog post and join Birthday party fun, who knows, You could be number one!

Top Sites This Tuesday!

Your Caring Angels
Older Eyes
Babble Break
Pete’s ‘Todays the Day’ Quiz
Liggyz Dreamz
Trina’s Blog
Over Cups of Coffee


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BlogDumps Saturday Night Dump

Well, the first thing I’d like to say is that instead of doing Saturday Funnies, Wolfbernz spent the morning and afternoon cleaning up on BlogDumps and BlogDumps B Tubed and he thinks he sent a B Tubed newsletter. So, if you got more than one newsletter, all I can say is Sorry!! If you didn’t get one, please don’t tell Wolfbernz, or he’ll keep trying! LOL He did give it his best 🙂

B Tubed is all cleaned up and the Web Cam Video uploader is working better than ever. So for those that want to send a private video to a friend or family member it is awesome!

If you haven’t joined BlogDumps B Tubed it is a nice place to network with friends and family, it’s spam free and you don’t have to worry about privacy issues we do not give out anyone’s information to a third party! You can customize your page send messages comment on everyone’s page and there is so much more. Try one of the games that you will find on the site they are simple and fun or just enjoy some cool videos or music. Upload and share your media and photos you can also create albums and make them public or private it’s a great place to host all your media

It’s been a busy day around here today. We’ve spent a good deal of time approving new bloggers and sorting through spammers on BlogDumps Bloggers. We’ve tested all the upload features on BlogDumps including most features found here on the site. Everything is working wonderfully!!! Oops I know shouldn’t have said that 😀 !

We would really like to thank all of you that dump your blogs and wear the BlogDumps button on your site it has helped us grow as one of the better human edited blog directories on the web.

If you would like to help support BlogDumps Get your Blog Featured and reviewed! As a featured blog you will be added to the front page of BlogDumps in the featured blog rotation and also on the directory page then on Saturday your blog will be featured and reviewed. The money we raise helps us keep the site up and running on our dedicated servers and keeps the features for all the bloggers on the site free.

If you have already been featured and would like to continue to help support the site visit the BlogDumps store… Yes Wolfbernz has created a new logo for all the T-Shirts and other item found in the store I won’t tell you what it says but he said due to popular demand this is what they should have on them… LOL

This just seemed to fit the day so enjoy this classic… Where were you!!! I just love Saturdays!

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Have a great Saturday night


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