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Saturday Night Dump

What another Great Week we have had here on BlogDumps! Top Sites Tuesday was a Blast! Congrats to AY for winning this week! Since her blog, Time for a Babble Break, has been featured, we are going to send her a BlogDumps T-shirt.

Make sure to visit her awesome blog and don’t forget to leave a comment (it is the nice thing to do) She displays some awesome food dishes in a slide show on her home page! Trust me, it will make you hungry! Her layout is awesome and inviting and in the left sidebar of her blog you’ll see adorable pictures of her family! We are proud to have her as a BlogDumps Community Member!

Let us know when you get you shirt AY!

Happy Blogging!


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Finally Friday

Well after a long, humid, sticky week I am in need of some rest. I can’t wait to just sleep in tomorrow!
I hope all of you had a great week also. How was your week?

There is not much in the way of news around here we just seem to be humming along… I see there are a lot of new blogs on BlogDumps Bloggers, a big welcome to all that joined the community this week. I also noticed a lot of new bloggers that have submitted their blogs to the directory. I will be adding new blogs this weekend to the directory so make sure we can find your buttons. 🙂

I am thinking about having a video contest and a prize for the best or funniest video that is uploaded to BlogDumps Video… We should run the contest for some time to get a big response!

Let me know what you all think about it and help me come up with a good idea for this, I think it would be a blast. I guess the one that gets the most votes would win. We will have to figure out the details and the winner would get money for winning! Continue reading Finally Friday

Saturday At the BlogDump

Ok, So we went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant… Instead of our normal pitcher of Margaritas I thought a carafe of Cabernet Sauvignon with dinner would be a nice change! Yikes!!! They brought it out and it was cold! I wanted to send it back, after all Cabernet Sauvignon is supposed to be server room temperature, but Trina being the nice person she is said no. I guess if it had been a bad wine it would have been worse! After a few glasses some chips and then the fajitas I didn’t care anymore.

After dinner we went to Wal*mart to buy some Beniful dog food for the new addition to the farm… Yes we have done it again – we have a little tiny Chihuahua, she is so cute!!!

While we were there I thought I would pick up my prescriptions… The woman behind the counter asked me for my driver’s license and then proceeded to ask me “Is this for you?” I said my name is on the prescription and you see it’s me on my drivers license so there you have it. Then she asked again! “Is this for you?” I said I didn’t think that would doctors write prescriptions for someone else with my name on it if it were not for me! Then she asked again! I thought I was in the Dude where’s my car movie (and then!!!) I said again, “My name is on the prescription, you have my drivers license and I don’t know what else to tell you to convince you it’s for me.”

Then she asked me again… you are not picking this up for someone else? (and Then!) OMG, I wanted to ask her where’s your sign? I politely asked can I have my prescriptions now? And then, yes she did… I just stood there and said nothing as she rung up the sale, waited and she gave me the look like she was going to ask me again so I asked can I just have my prescriptions now please!!! of course everyone was laughing by now, I swear she just saw the movie and I was her first to try the and then out on!

I am very happy with all the new blogs being built here on BlogDumps. I would like to announce the latest members of the community. It’s nice to see that I was able to open up registrations again and all the spam bloggers have left us alone. If you are a serious blogger I would like to invite you to join our blogging community. You can blog about whatever you want and monetize it so you can make some extra money also.

This is the latest additions some of them have just started. Please give them a warm welcome and leave a comment after all it is the nice thing to do!

Have a great Saturday Night!
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Another Beautiful Saturday!

Before I head out to fight the weekend traffic and have some fun here on the Delmarva Peninsula, I wanted to mention some awesome blogs here on BlogDumps.

These are the most recently updated blogs here, they always deserve to be mentioned 🙂

And these are the newest Blogs on BlogDumps! We wanted to welcome you to our community!

As always we are here to help if anyone needs it!

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Ocean Of Perspectives

A new addition to the religious blog category in BlogDumps Blog Directory is Ocean Of Perspectives.

This blog’s sub-title states, “Perspectives involving personal growth, awareness, higher consciousness, balancing mind, body, soul, meditation, prayer, Yoga relationships”

Lea, the author of this blog, writes in her About Page:

“For me, the name Ocean Of Perspectives is symbolic of the collective energy flowing from all the worlds’ inhabitants into an ocean of energy. This ocean holds all the energy we created though our minds such as our thoughts, perceptions, perspectives and actions. Ocean Of Perspectives is about having a place to share ideas, concepts, experiences, knowledge and beliefs that we are developing, have developed or obtained during our life journey in our search for truth.”

After reading some of her posts, I find this blog inspirational and relaxing. One of my favorite posts is Self Love. The video in this post is so very cool you’ve got to check it out!

Welcome to BlogDumps

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Hot Blogs On Tuesday!

Gosh can you believe it’s February? Time flies along doesn’t it. Since the recent turn in my life My son and his wife having a baby, getting there own house, Me becoming a “randpa” (Oh Stop it Sandy, I can see you laughing and having way to much fun with this!!!) I sit and reflect as I guess we all do and it seems like yesterday my boys were sneaking off to the pond for a swim or playing army in the woods on the back of the farm. Now it has me thinking 49 is middle age right? I am sure you will all agree… You will won’t you!!!???

I guess when they all move out I will still have my other kids… My wolves, I will hang out with Woofy and we will have a couple of glasses of wine and let out a few howls together… hehehehe

Yes, I know what you are thinking, It’s not me, Woofy will steal your drink if you turn your back for one second – even if it is on the kitchen counter or on the table. I thought about AA for him but the Parrot (Timothy) would have to go too! Never mind, it just wouldn’t be the same, I actually think Timothy howls better than Woofy!!!

I was reading about social media and how one of the biggest no no’s is to write the same scheduled post.
Well I guess I have failed, I like doing the Top Blog Sites Tuesday! What would be the purpose of having the scripting for top sites if you don’t ever give any credit where it is due. So I am going to continue to do this until I forget – which could be any time now that I am a “Randpa” LOL … What was I writing about???

Oh, Yes Top Blogs Tuesday. There are some new Blogs listed this week so make sure to check them out. I suspect that we will see many new ones as we are getting about 10 or so new members a day now.

Hot Blog Sites on Today:

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Have a great week everyone,

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iTune App Reviews – iPhones, iTunes, and more!

 iPhone Apps, iPhone 3G apps and iPod touch Applications Reviews

Techie Blogs are always so helpful! Then there are the techie blog written by people like this:

We are a couple of Apple iPhone 3G Geeks. We have nothing better to do than buy, test and review all the coolest Apps for your iPhone from the iTunes App Store. Thank God Apple opened the iPhone to third part Apps this make the iPhone Stand Alone in the Gadget World.

In doing so Apple has created a new world for us, we now have a subject that we are passionate about and a forum to express our thoughts and feelings about the iPhone and all the Awesome Apps that are being created for us to use on it.

Remember This Is Just The Beginning The Is More And Better iPhone Apps To Come From The iTunes App Store.

I always enjoy creative “About Us” statements. The only way to give them any justice is to quote them.

Their blog layout is clean and easy to navigate with an upbeat atmoshpere full of Techie stuff written in a way even I could understand.

If you want to know more about your iPhone or if you want more applications for your iPhone, this is one blog you have to check out!!

I was reading about the “Pocket Cocktails” wouldn’t that App make it easy next time I want a different drink and don’t know what I want to get at the liquor store! Gosh! Maybe I should look into getting an iPhone! My cell is so crappy I lost it a month ago and don’t miss it at all! — I can’t believe I just admitted that…

Happy Saturday Night!

Whistle-stop Saturday!

Well, not only was President-elect Obama on the 137-mile journey, a trip that started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and retraced the train ride Abraham Lincoln took on his way to becoming president in 1861, along for the ride was his wife Michelle, Vice President Elect Joe Biden and his Wife. As they passed through the area, Obama gave an awesome, awe-inspiring speech in Baltimore, Maryland, to approximately 40,00 people who stood in the frigid cold weather to hear him speak and witness this historic occasion.

I hope he brings change, peace and prosperity to our nation.

I don’t think it is ironic that he rode the historical track of President Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves by signing the Emancipation Proclamation, I think his historical ride finished the job. Not only are the black men and women free, but now we have a black man as a President. We ARE a country of free and equal people.

With 2 million people expected to hit the streets of Washington, D. C. on Tuesday for Obama’s Inauguration and their closing of the bridges across the Potomac River into the city, along with most of the downtown. I think that Most of America will have the best seats in the house… their house. No Crowds, Front Row View, and You can jump in the car to go get party snacks if you want. LOL

Obama's Train ride to the Inaguration

These are Saturday’s Hot Blogs that send the most Traffic to

Give a big warm welcome to the latest new members to the community!

SkipRatt The Mountain Bike Enthusiast SkipRatt The Mountain Bike Enthusiast
Mountain bike enthusiast blog for personal reviews, stories, and tips on everything mountain bike. The most popular form of mountain biking is Cross-Country and trail.
Journal of Inde-Sapien Experience Journal of Inde-Sapien Experience
News and views from the Wild Aspie – linguistical artist, free thinker, mad genius

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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Top Sites Tuesday

Wolfbernz and I enjoyed our trip to Pennsylvania on Sunday. The hilly country-side farmed by the Amish and the cute, quaint stores filled with home-made and home baked goods and the Strasburg Railroad. Here’s a few pictures (Wolfbernz used his handy-dandy pocket pc/phone to take these pictures):

[slideshow id=2 w=500 h=300]

Hot Blog Sites on Today:

Happy Tuesday!

The Most Interesting BlogDumps Link Placement

I have seen the BlogDumps link in a lot of places but hands down this is the winner of the coolest spot for the BlogDumps link I have seen since I have started the BlogDumps Blog Directory!

I just had to post about it Stop by and check out this cool blog I had a good time while I was there I do like the layout and the colors. I have always liked the black look and his blog shows it well.

Featured Blog
Best BlogDumps Display Of A Button

While you are there check out the CASH COW POOCH Post, this is to much… Woofy….. Here boy……

So anyway we have made it all the way to Thursday I can’t wait for the weekend. I hope the weather is better I would like to get out and about. Oops there I go rambling off subject

The Electric Egg Cream, Welcome to BlogDumps!


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