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Happy Birthday Trina

Yes, it is Trina’s Birthday today, My best friend is now a year younger then before!
You won’t get me to say it any other way…lol


I can’t say enough about how much we all appreciate you in every aspect of your life, you have always been there for all of us and for anyone and for any reason and that is a trait hardly found in any of us. Without you and all that you do BlogDumps, well, would just be a dump.

With out you in my life, I know it would be a much harder road then I have to walk now. You are the hardest working most kind and loving person I have ever met in my life.
I am the lucky one to have you as a friend.
I am sure there are many that feel the same about you as I do.

I wish you the best Birthday ever!

Lots of love from all of us,
Wolfbernz and the Crew
. . . . . .

Top Site Tuesday post will go up this afternoon… The Theme is – “What is your Favorite Song”

Saturday At the BlogDump

Ok, So we went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant… Instead of our normal pitcher of Margaritas I thought a carafe of Cabernet Sauvignon with dinner would be a nice change! Yikes!!! They brought it out and it was cold! I wanted to send it back, after all Cabernet Sauvignon is supposed to be server room temperature, but Trina being the nice person she is said no. I guess if it had been a bad wine it would have been worse! After a few glasses some chips and then the fajitas I didn’t care anymore.

After dinner we went to Wal*mart to buy some Beniful dog food for the new addition to the farm… Yes we have done it again – we have a little tiny Chihuahua, she is so cute!!!

While we were there I thought I would pick up my prescriptions… The woman behind the counter asked me for my driver’s license and then proceeded to ask me “Is this for you?” I said my name is on the prescription and you see it’s me on my drivers license so there you have it. Then she asked again! “Is this for you?” I said I didn’t think that would doctors write prescriptions for someone else with my name on it if it were not for me! Then she asked again! I thought I was in the Dude where’s my car movie (and then!!!) I said again, “My name is on the prescription, you have my drivers license and I don’t know what else to tell you to convince you it’s for me.”

Then she asked me again… you are not picking this up for someone else? (and Then!) OMG, I wanted to ask her where’s your sign? I politely asked can I have my prescriptions now? And then, yes she did… I just stood there and said nothing as she rung up the sale, waited and she gave me the look like she was going to ask me again so I asked can I just have my prescriptions now please!!! of course everyone was laughing by now, I swear she just saw the movie and I was her first to try the and then out on!

I am very happy with all the new blogs being built here on BlogDumps. I would like to announce the latest members of the community. It’s nice to see that I was able to open up registrations again and all the spam bloggers have left us alone. If you are a serious blogger I would like to invite you to join our blogging community. You can blog about whatever you want and monetize it so you can make some extra money also.

This is the latest additions some of them have just started. Please give them a warm welcome and leave a comment after all it is the nice thing to do!

Have a great Saturday Night!
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Good News On a Wedness Day!

First I want to thank all of you that stopped by and participated in Top Sites Tuesday, you’re all winners in my book! I really had a good time reading all your posts! Ruby Slippers has won two times now so I am going to send her a BlogDumps T-Shirt, Gosh I hope she likes it!

I am going to make it real easy for next week’s theme!
Next Weeks theme is “Two Things on Tuesday” just blog about two things, no matter what they are.

The great news is — Drum roll please, lol — BlogDumps is now a registered trademark! I know can you believe it? It took a long time and it cost, well, A lot… it would have been more but I did it myself online, who needs an attorney!

Talk about paperwork though, I went through quite a bit to get it, but it was worth it. I guess this means we will be around for a long long time isn’t this wonderful? Now I have to figure out how to put the “R” (for registered) in the header and replace the TM next to the BlogDumps logo. I’m going to scan the certificate so you all can see it, I hope you all don’t think I am bragging! I am just so happy that our community here on the web is growing and that all the proper things are done to ensure just that. I would like to thank all of you that dump your blog and join the BlogDumps community.

I would also like to invite all of you to join in the discussion forum and network with other bloggers networking is an important part of blogging – you just might know something that the other blogger needs help with or just want to BS on the discussions, that is what it is there for. Don’t be shy either, add a link to your blog or just announce your blog in the newbie thread. I have added a photo gallery, so if you need a URL for a photo just upload it from your BlogDumps dashboard and it will give you a URL for the photo. You can do this on BlogDumps Video also… I am working on some new features for your BlogDumps dashboard but it will be sometime before I finish, so, for now, have fun!
I hope you all are enjoying the site and I see great things in the future for us all here in the community.

Have a great week!
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Make Money At Dump With BlogDumps!

Spring Madness… More Money for affiliates!!!

Yes, Wolfbernz, CEO of has decided that it is time to share some of the revenue with all of you that have joined the BlogDumps affiliate program.

Wolfbernz Says:

I have decided to increase the amount of shared revenue to 70 percent of what the paid BlogDumps service would be to all affiliates during Spring.

That’s right! We are going to give you 70 percent of every blog referred that gets Featured of uses any BlogDumps paid services until Summer! Now is the time to join the BlogDumps Affiliate Program and get in on the Spring Madness!

We really want to thank all of you the have become affiliates and for all your support!

We thought this would give you a good reason to blog about getting Featured on BlogDumps and about gaining readers get traffic and the ability to get paid!
BlogDumps is the Blog Directory built by bloggers for bloggers! Let’s get our community rolling!

BlogDumps is going to add an area in the forums for all of you that sell ebooks! This way you can list them for sale… Why not? I am sure you didn’t write an ebook not to list it for sale. If this gets popular I will set up a nice place for all of you that have one for sale to sell them!

Well that’s the news for the week, if you are an affiliate you will be getting a news letter about the changes and increase in money! If you are not an affiliate then now is the time to join during the spring madness Money 70 Revenue sharing.

I hope all of you are having a great weekend we finally have some summer like weather!

For all of you that have just joined the BlogDumps please use the discussion and help forum announce your blog, make friends or download the BlogDumps IM with all it’s cool features, PM other bloggers from your dashboard!

Not a blogger Get a blog now! Follow me here

Bloggers Get Listed on BlogDumps Today!

Have a good Saturday Night!
The gang here at BlogDumps

Saturday Night Dump

Welcome to the Saturday Night Dump!

Wolfbernz talked about a surprise… I’m here to tell you about it!

We are all about the Linky Love… obviously… and what a better way to get out some linky love than to add a few newbies to the directory?!? Check out the new listings in Money Blogs, Literature Blogs, and – of course – The DUMP. In case you weren’t aware, the dump is for bloggers who Submitted their blog to BlogDumps, but didn’t tell us where they wanted to be listed! Anyone and Everything can be found there!

We’ve also added a new category to Blog Dumps… Real Estate Resources. We are hoping to see real growth in that area in the coming months. Everything from Real Estate Brokers that blog about houses they offer – to mortgage brokers, loan information, and foreclosures will be listed there!

Oh Yeah, the surprise! Well… We want to help our affiliates to make money while promoting BlogDumps, so EVERY BLOGDUMPS AFFILIATE has been Featured on the BlogDumps Home Page and the Blog Directory Home Page. These features, while their blog screenshots are smaller than those of Paid to Be Featured Bloggers, the effect is the same, a screenshot (provided by will be randomly displayed to visitors of BlogDumps. We are hoping to help our affiliates by driving traffic to their sites! After-all, how do you promote something you don’t know about? We are hoping that by promoting our affiliates, this will give them a little… shall we say “nudge” ?

Check out this Awesome Affiliate!

Happy Saturday Night!

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Top Blogs Tuesday, It’s a MEME Now!

It sure looks like Spring is trying but these chilly nights on the Eastern Shore are still cold to the bone!

I have been thinking about a contest to see who can be number one on BlogDumps. I got it! We could have a Top Sites Tuesday MEME where everyone writes a post on Tuesday and ads the BlogDumps “Make Me Number One” button to it.

Then we can list the top sites each Tuesday on the post here on BlogDumps Blog. Starting Tuesday, everyone can check in and leave a comment saying their post is up.

I will publish the post on Monday night but it won’t have the top sites listed until Tuesday night! So grab a “make me number 1” button and join in the fun, who knows you could be number one.

To make it even more interesting I am going to give away a BlogDumps T-Shirt to the top blogger whose site is number 1 two weeks in a row and a free feature… How does that sound?

There have been a ton of new blogs joining the BlogDumps community so I would like to say Welcome… If you haven’t submitted your blog follow me here!

Make sure to drop in at the discussion forum and add your two cents and make sure to leave a link to your latest and greatest post!

If you are looking for a place to upload your Videos, Photos and Music so you can embed them on your blog, sign-up to BlogDumps Video here. You can even Pimp your page with Myspace type layouts!

Have you tried the new BlogDumps IM, yes we even have our own instant messenger!
Download BlogDumps IM today and send text, audio,Video and you can even transfer files to your friends around the world, how fun is that and it is spyware and web page pop-up free!!!

New to blogging Create your own blog in minutes put your business or personal journal of your life online today!

Already have a blog? Get featured across BlogDumps featured spot lite on the front page and on the BlogDumps directory page… Gain readers and get traffic.

Top Blog Sites on -Tuesday Meme!

one world singles

your caring angels

make money online money

thai dave


hope works community

dump diggers

sassy darlin

octagon buzz

Have a great week everyone, make sure to join in the new Top Sites Tuesday MEME!

Bloggers Help America

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And what a good one!!! BlogDumps Bloggers is now back online
I was going to write a post and then I received this in an email…!!!!!


We are back up to running, damn that was a fricking torture huh?? You deserve your wine and no one would blame you if you had the whole bottle not just a glass!! Hell, I might go for two bottles if I was you!

So glad things are finally back to normal for you. Maybe now you can enjoy your weekend. Riding the tracker, wine in hand?!?!

So that says it all……. you guys have been great and supportive, Thanks

PS I’ll be at Texas Road House- the guy with the wine glass!!!

. . . . . . . .

BlogDumps Bloggers Will be Down Just a Bit Longer

I just wanted to let everyone know we had an issue with as mentioned before, this is where we host blogs for people.

Last Tuesday the domain was parked and we started to work on the site for some necessary repairs and some maintenance…. Somewhere there were some pop-ups that kept MYSQL spiked and the Apache server kept having to be restarted. So we parked the domain and did our work non-stop to get everyone’s blogs back up and running.

Come to find out, where we had bought the domain name from said it would take a few days “business” days to un-park the domain starting from the time we asked them to un-park the domain… OMG how hard can it be!!!

So anyway all data is still intact, all your blogs are still there and we are at the mercy of another party to this issue. I have been told we will be back up and running soon, Gosh I don’t think I want to ever hear that word again in my lifetime!

I have a plan in place that once we come back online this will not happen again.

We have discussed this with our server techs and they told me we can insure this doesn’t happen again.

I have written EntreCard and I copied those of you that had written me with the reply. The folks at Entrecard said that they had already seen the pattern and had stopped all BlogDumps Bloggers account deletions. If you received a notice from them please respond and let them know that Wolfbernz has talked with Matt and they will not delete your account. Make sure to give them your Blogdumps URL.

I could have put everyone’s blogs up on another BlogDumps URL, but that would have made this even worse than what we are all going through now.

I am going to do some advertising across the web when we come back online to drive traffic to your blogs, I don’t mind spending a couple of bucks out of my pocket to do this.

I realize some of you are just as upset as I am, but rest assured that I am working on this as fast as I can, I haven’t slept in days… I am exhausted and cannot wait until things are back to normal.

I would like to thank all of you for understanding and being patient with Trina and I, some of your emails have even been helpful as far as “just hang in there”!

So that’s it for the moment all else is working and we are not going out of business and we are not selling out. I can say once this is over and we are online with your blogs I am going to take a few days off so don’t think I have disappeared I am just sleeping somewhere…

All the best,

PS: Sorry about the grammar I am pooped and just e-mailed out!

BlogDumps Video is Under Construction

So, Wolfbernz has done it again. He’s trying to improve the site, but has put BlogDumps Video… Under Construction.

I think his message on the front page of BlogDumps Video says it all.

In the end the new page will look more like BlogDumps and will help to pull the site together.

FYI-None of your embedded videos, music or pictures have been effected by this upgrade.

Happy Tuesday!!


Hot Blog Sites on Today:

Get your blog in on the top site tuesday post Submit your blog today!

Get your blog featured Just follow me here!

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A Word to the Wise

I hate Hackers.

I LOVE my Server techs!

We run quite a few blogs, so I guess that we run a higher than average chance of ONE of our blogs being hacked. Turns out they always have to hack something I’m playing with! I suppose if you think about it in one way, getting hacked is a good thing- we know how to recover and recover FAST! Our Techs caught it and were repairing the security breech as we discovered the issue.

That being said, today was back-up, upgrade, and upgrade and back-up again day here at BlogDumps. We upgraded to WordPress 2.7 on all our managed blogs… BlogDumps Bloggers will experience another upgrade to their back offices in the very near future in addition to the extra themes I’ve been promising.

If you are a Blogger that Happens to be running an older version of WordPress -UPGRADE UPGRADE UPGRADE

If you like to use free themes for your WordPress Blog, beware of encoded footers! That’s how our lovely hacker got in, an open door was encoded in the footer!

I don’t mind the new “Coltrane” edition of WordPress. It obviously will take some getting used to, but it is more manageable. (Just not as colorful – unless I haven’t found that button yet)

Well, it’s Friday night, I’m tired and at a stopping point for the day, Hope you all have a great evening, see you at the Saturday Night Dump!


PS: Sorry, but Dollies here to stay…. Long Story
. .