BlogDumps Saturday Morning Funnys!

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This week on BlogDumps has been fun and we have some new people that have joined the community so I would like to say welcome. I hope some of the new blogger join us on Top Sites Tuesday.

If you have a friend that wants a blog make sure to tell them about BlogDumps and how they can create a blog right here.

This weeks Top Blog on Tuesday was Liggyz Dreamz Make sure to visit her blog it’s totally awesome, upbeat, positive and has some cool music and more. Make sure to leave a comment when you visit, we all love comments πŸ™‚ I really like to get together on Tuesdays with everyone and share out thoughts and have some fun and making new friends πŸ˜€

BlogDumps In The News – On Sunday Morning 3/14/2010 our servers will be performing an upgrade on itÒ?Ts capacity which feeds the ring in which our servers reside. During this upgrade there will be a 1-2 minute bounce while the migration process happens however impact should be minimal as we move your services to the backup connection prior to the upgrade. All your data will be stored in multiple back ups including one I have here in my office πŸ™‚ I missed this weeks news sorry for the short notice but it’s a minor thing what we are doing.

Start Date; 3/14/2010
Start Time; 02:00 ET 08:00 GMT
End Time; 02:30 ET 08:30 GMT
BlogDumps Customer Impact Status; Minimal 1-2 minute during migration back to primary path

Ok now the BlogDumps Saturday Funnies… I couldn’t choose just one so here are the two I chose

This one is cute!

Check out the new player and full screen option!

BlogDumps B Tubed – Upload and share your videos and we will add them to the Saturday posts with links to your blog.
Are you a video Blogger Upload a video on B tubed of yourself Video Blogging using BlogDumps Quick Capture feature using you web cam you can make as many takes as you wabt to before finishing and uploading it. This is also embeddable on your blog using the embed code.

Have a great Saturday

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  1. Thanks to all who came by and visited Liggyzdreamz! πŸ™‚ It’s been really fun interacting with you all…have a great week-end!!!

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