BlogDumps News – It’s BlogDumps Birthday And Adding New Features!

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BlogDumps is a small business and the owners of BlogDumps have a couple of other small businesses.

In the situation of our economy we have thought long and hard about adding a business directory to the existing BlogDumps directory. The reason we have thought so much about whether or not to do this is because BlogDumps has always been just for bloggers. We do not want to change the site but just add a business directory portion to it. Looking at how popular the site has become, businesses would get indexed quickly and for a regular listing it would still be free just like for bloggers. The other thing is with the ability to create a free blog on BlogDumps, Businesses could do this and not have to hire a webmaster to build them a web page – they can just create a free blog here for their business.

Everyone has been asking “Where are you going to get the money to afford all this?” I believe that if I am helping the small business man or woman this would be a great contribution. I am willing to gamble that this will work and by helping out small businesses the money will follow.

This will not be an easy task… We will need to have listings for all the different types of businesses. Then create a site search for people looking for a business in their area “IE Plumber in Tucson Arizona”.

We have begun this project and it will be a work in progress but hope to have it finished by the end of Summer 2011. So if you have a small business please check back and add yours to the new business directory!

In other site news BlogDumps is Five Years old this week!

Yes, we have been on the web promoting bloggers for five years now and have had a great time doing it. We have made a ton of friends along the way and we appreciate all of you. Thanks for all your support for the last five years, we will be here for many more to come to help promote all of you and your awesome blogs ๐Ÿ™‚
There are thousands of blogs on BlogDumps and it is all of you that make BlogDumps the community it is!

The best part about today is tomorrow is Friday!


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  1. I’m ready invite some friends… I’ll clean the pool!

    Make sure to bring a dish and if you have a present leave a link to your blog so we can come see it!

    I remember the last virtual party it was crazy over 100 comments. Lets Rock.


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