BlogDumps News, Check it out!

It’s good to be home for sure but it has been very hot outside we even had a harvest fire here on the farm in the back fields… So much for that straw!

It’s a great Friday though, the heat has let up and we finally got a burst of badly needed rain this afternoon. It cooled it off outside nicely ๐Ÿ™‚

I am working on a plugin for the BlogDumps Bloggers that would give the bloggers who would like to have a shopping cart the ability to do so. It is a bit of a task and there’s not much support so I hope we can figure it out. This would be a nice feature for those that are in business and sell a product on their blog. We do not mind why you blog – for fun or profit – just no nasty stuff!

Other than that, all is working great around here we just updated BlogDumps Bloggers to the latest WordPress blog plat form, it’s really nice. Also it’s a great time to start a blog with the traffic and readership so high. The Alexa Global rank has dipped below 50,000 has been below 100,000 constantly. You can create your new blog by clicking here.

Also for those that would like to have some fun and upload your videos or maybe you have a business video you would like to add to the site. Whatever you need to do you have the ability to do it here on BlogDumps Free!

For those that want a bit more exposure you can have your blog featured on the front page rotation and on the directory page for a one time small fee. Help you blog get noticed, Gain readers you can do that by following me here.

If you are looking to make some blogging friends and gain new readers and comments including links that network your blog around the BlogDumps community of blogs join us on Top Sites Tuesday. The check in post with the instructions on how to play along goes up on Monday mornings. It’s fun too ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great Friday night and good weekend!