BlogDumps News

We are now into our sixth year on the web… Time just seems to fly by ๐Ÿ™‚

I want to thank the regulars that show up every Tuesday for Top Sites Tuesday. Thanks Cheryl, Bud and Trina you are awesome and for those who wish to read some great blogs just click on the names listed above and you will be on your way. I too participate but don’t think it’s right to toot your own horn ๐Ÿ™‚

I am not sure what this new year will bring to BlogDumps. I would like to see more people participate each week on Top Sites Tuesday the check in post goes up on Mondays if you would like to join us.
As for the rest of the site a recap of this last year: we have updated our Instant Messenger for those who do not like to be tracked or have spyware on their computer give it a try. You can even transfer file to each other with no security issues it’s private between users. You can find the download here. Some would like me to integrate it with the other IM’s but that would bring on security and privacy issues so we are going to keep it in our own network. If you’re not sure what to do after you download there is a help button with instructions if you need them.
We have our very own Spider now, adding your site to BlogDumps is fast and easy, add one of our cool buttons and follow the instructions and in just a few minutes you are in the directory. OMG! You have no idea how happy I am that this has been accomplished we did it all manually for years!
If you would like to have a screen shot next to your listing and be on the revolving front page of featured sites follow me here to gain more readers and comments to your blog.

We have changed up the front page some so it will load faster and it also makes Google happy that we do not have a few thousand links on the front page. We used to show all the latest new members and Google discounted our site for doing so. Nice, I know, but they have the last say when it comes to search and SEO.

You will notice that we have added on the front page a link to those that want to sponsor a category.
This will put your site at the top of the first page of the category you choose. It’s always good to be in the spotlight and have people find you as there are so many sites on the web today.

One of the latest changes we have added to BlogDumps is we no longer regulate what you can put on the blog you create here on BlogDumps but we have added a small cost of just one dollar a month to have a blog here. I know to some it sounds crazy to do this but we have no choice it combats and keeps out the spammers and the real bloggers can enjoy no limits to the advertising of their own that they may want to have on their site, not to mention the help it gives Trina and I on the thousands it cost each year to keep the site running. Dedicated servers and top quality techs in a high tech data center isn’t cheep to say the least.

I don’t know if you have noticed we have a Blogger Connection Wall it works on your PC and on your smart phone or touch screen phone too. It’s a fast way to leave a message for others, no login, links allowed and it’s fast and easy. If you have a moment check it out.

We were going to make some changes to the video portion of the site where you can upload and share Videos Music and photos. but it works fine so why change it. The high Def player and screen options are awesome. Messaging between users, webcam uploads, private video mail and even flash games. This portion of BlogDumps is nice for all your media hosting with embed codes to add them to your site as well.

Have a great rest of the week, the best part of today is tomorrow is Friday!