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First, I want to thank all of you that joined in the last Top Sites Tuesday!

I know we missed this week’s and some are wondering, “Where the heck are Wolfbernz and Trina!?!”

Well, we made it to Mexico and got to the sailboat safely. It was a nice sail from the Los Cabos to Cabo San Lucas.

When we arrived we hit the fuel dock and filled all the tanks and extra fuel barrels. Extras – yes we are headed North and you never know what can happen… We stayed in Cabo San Lucas for the night and took off first thing the following morning. We hit some rough weather and sailed into a place called Bahia Magdalena, aka Mag Bay, but it was full of tiny lobsters, the bay and the shoreline were red there were so many. I have photos but the internet here is so bad I am going to be lucky if this post gets published. We stayed in Mag bay for one day and then left – it was a bit rough but worth it when we arrived here in Bahia Santa Maria.

It’s a better anchorage, a bit more protected and the few locals that live here are very friendly they even dropped off some lobsters for us to have for dinner for just a few pesos ๐Ÿ™‚ They were so kind we had an extra GPS and they had nothing to find their way from the ocean to the bay in bad weather, we also had a weather proof case for it, so we were nice back to them. This is something they can’t get here so they were so happy. I hope they never have a problem but if they do I will feel better for the father and son, Marcos and Peter, trying to live here on the water.

We have been here for three days and it looks like the weather will not let up until Thursday but not much though. It’s a small window of medium to heavy seas and medium to heavy winds and we are going for it, the next hop is two and a half days – good or bad there is no getting off or anywhere to stop so we are banking on experience and forecasts to make it to Turtle Bay where there is food, fuel and internet. We knew this was going to be a hard delivery when we took it on so we were prepared for it.

It hasn’t been all rough though… I have had a pole in the water a couple times but just small fish, I won at Gin Rummy, caught a few sun rays when the wind stops for a bit and had a few naps – no easy chair but that’s ok… LOL Ok Trina won at Gin Rummy too! We both lost on the crossword puzzle though.

Today we got real bored so we jogged around the boat… Sorry no video on that one, hehehe But you could imagine a nautical version of a Chinese fire drill! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So we will check in later this week and let you all know what’s up and how we are doing we hope to be home sometime next week.

Have a great week everyone,
Wolf and Trina

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2 thoughts on “BlogDumps News”

  1. You better come by and see me on your way home or I will be really sad. I hope you two are having a lot of fun.

    Love and Blessings,

  2. We have had a lot of fun but It has been a bit on the rough side due to the weather! We have hit some heavy winds and swells.
    We are all ok and are taking it safe and should be home next week.


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