BlogDumps Maintenance

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I’m sure you all noticed that BlogDumps Servers were down for a period of time yesterday while we were doing maintenance and checks that were necessary after the move to the new data center. We always begin our maintenance by backing-up the servers. Unfortunately, during the back-up, the back-up servers crashed and data from the last week has been lost.

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused all our community members, but it was totally unforeseen and catastrophic – steps have been taken to prevent this from ever happening again.

For those of you who have just joined the BlogDumps Bloggers Community and didn’t get the chance to write any posts, but you created your blog in the last week (July 23-30) Due to this unforeseen event, you will have to sign-up to get a blog again. For those of you who have joined BlogDumps Video and created a profile in the last week, you will have to join BlogDumps Video again.

Obviously we are embarrassed for the loss of data, but we hope that everyone can understand that even the best laid, safest plans sometimes don’t work.

If you need any help or have any questions please email me, I’m here to help! trina(at)

Have a great evening and thank you all for understanding.

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7 thoughts on “BlogDumps Maintenance”

  1. Wow, Trina…I bet y’all were at the hair-pulling stage! Do NOT envy you having the hours you, Wolf and anyone else involved had to put in…certainly sounds like a very rough time of it. Hopefully, you can all sort of kick back over the weekend although I suspect you will be ‘on call’ for those needing you. Just know that I appreciate all you do and the care you give your bloggers. I should apologize for intruding yesterday (probably while you were all gathering chunks of hair from the floor!)…I figured maintenance was being undertaken but since it could have been something on my own end, just wanted to make sure. Hope the next couple of days are at least better than the last! And..thanks.


  2. We always like to hear from you Nancy!
    To look on the positive side we don’t need haircuts this month!
    Who would have thought the back up servers would go boom!? Thanks for always being so positive and understanding.

    Your Friend

  3. Thank you for getting us all back up and running again, I really appreciate all of the work you and Trina do for all of us. What would we do without you. I remember when Yahoo lost their servers and my site was down for a week, they didn’t seem to care. That is the best part about you and Trina, you do care and work really hard to fix everything. That is why we all love you two so much because you are wonderful and you care about all of us. So Thank You so much.

    My site is back up and all the post are back on it, including the comments! Wow! It looks great again.

    By the way I heard you two are bald now, is that true?

    Love and Blessings,

  4. Hi Liggy! – I’m so glad you went back and made a new profile on BlogDumps Video! Thank you for understanding!

  5. Hi Angelbaby! – Yes we do care, very much and when things like that happen we go nuts… I think I’m going to have to shave Wolfbernz completely though, the bald spots are so uneven and unsightly *sigh* It’s sad!

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