Blog Dump On Saturday Night

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Wow it sure got late around here fast! Trina and I were working on the farm today and the next Farm Vehicle you can read more about it here on Wolfbernz. The Porsche 1971 911 T is almost finished…Yea! I can’t wait to move onto my next project – the windmill generator!

Once again it is Saturday Night and time to feature one of our community members. Of course a Mention of Top Sites Tuesday’s winner is in order – Bud (aka Older Eyes) won This week. Make sure if you are going to participate the check in post goes up on Monday for the theme of the week.
The more that join makes it that much more fun 🙂

I guess what I would like to do is feature the co-founder of BlogDumps, Trina. She does so much for the sites and servers we run and is always there to help when things are needed to be done, heck she loves to blog but she is always busy fixing, approving, updating or setting up some one with their new web site. Trina does a great job around here I am sure you all have seen her blog themes and layouts change many times and that is because she it testing new layouts for the bloggers on BlogDumps.

I am sure if you have followed us for a while, you know we are self employed and we are into many different things and work in different fields together everyday. Trina is always there, ready to go and get whatever it is done for the day – whether working a few stories in the air on one of our construction jobs to trouble shooting a server issue working toward a goal we have set out for the day!

So here’s to you Trina! You have been Dumped on Saturday Night! But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to keep you, you are the best, the greatest *rolls out red carpet lined with gold fluffy edges* Thank you from all of us here in the community and from the gang here at BlogDumps for everything you do for the team and everyone else.

Have a great Saturday Night,

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