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Home Page: F.A.Q.

#1 Question: How much do I get paid?
Answer: Two dollars per sale of a featured blog.
One dollar per listing sale.
0.00 on free listing referrals.

We only payout on services purchased.
#2 Question: When do I get paid?
Answer: Our minimum pay out level is ten dollars. Once your sales reach ten dollars, you will receive a payment via PayPal. We only use PayPal for affiliate payments.
#3 Question: Why should I use this affiliate program?
Answer: There are 75 million blogs, how many do you want to join from your affiliate link?
#4 Question: Who are the people behind this program?
Answer: The two people you have grown to know and trust, Wolfbernz and Trina, and the Wolfbernz Network team.

We do not farm out our services but we are always here to help.
#5 Question: I have an adult blog, can I be an affiliate?
Answer: Yes, but remember, Mature and adult blog do not get Featured on the front page. They are only listed in the mature category so don't use the "get featured" banners and link codes, use only the "category submission" banners and link codes.